Dog walking really is a full time job.

This post is for you, Andrew Jones. October 31, 2012

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As Andrew is the only person that I know of who still dedicatedly checks this neglected blog, I feel I owe this to him: we’re going to have Bunny version 2 in may next year! Whheeee!

I know I’ve said this before, but I really am going to start writing here again, just to keep in touch with our buddies around the place.

Lots of love


What’s taken me so long? January 8, 2012

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Hello funsters!

This time I’ve been away a long time. Not the usual lack of writing, but months and months of it. For no good reason really, just that I didn’t think to do it. Which is crazy, considering I love doing this blog as I feel it’s such a nice way to keep in touch with friends, and a perfect place to post pics of Bunny and to rant about stuff that bugs me.

Anyway this is just to get the ball rolling after the drought (appropriate considering it is currently thunder storming here in Sydney), to put it out there that more is coming. Until I write properly (battery is about to die) here is a pic of Bunny in her paddling pool at our Christmas beach house (that is yoghurt she is wearing). Hugs and happy new year everyone.



JFDI. July 23, 2011

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This week in Sydney it has been wet, wet, wet. The Wheater ladies are a little bit cabin-feverish, and the dog certainly is. However this didn’t stop me getting out for a run this morning, dog in tow. Ped and I ran down Oxford Street, through the glorious cathedral of trees in Hyde Park, to the Botanic Gardens and then back home through Darlinghurst. Just over 6kms, not to tire the legs out for a long run tomorrow morning.

In Melbourne I managed to get out both mornings, which I was really happy with. I forgot my running watch so I wasn’t sure how far I went, but I ran for 40 minutes each day. Our friends Sarah and Simon live in Brighton, about two streets back from the foreshore, so I took great delight in running along the beach each day. Brighton is such a beautiful suburb – huge houses compared to what I’m used to in Paddington, lovely art deco apartment blocks and lots of people out on bikes. It was fuh-reeeeezing when I set out each day, it made Sydney feel kind of warm when we got back. However running in the cold is quite nice, and it doesn’t take long to warm up. I did wish I’d brought my running gloves though.

This week I got out to two cross-training sessions which involved boxing at one and a mix of body weight resistance stuff at the other. I also did a short hills run one morning (and I do mean short). But I figure it’s better than nothing. Nutrition has been pretty appalling though, somehow chocolate brownies made their way into my life every day except for Friday. What the hell? I was to blame for Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of it wasn’t my fault. Sure, I didn’t have to eat them, but that would have been rude. And the weather has been very red winey, and I’ve been disorganised for dinners which resulted in one night of takeaway and another night of pasta (which was actually totally delish but not exactly light on), and I had a girl’s night out with Ash too. So yeah…the idea of getting light on my feet to help with the running hasn’t exactly been top of mind this week.

Pelvic floor is still weak. I can tell when I’m running that it isn’t as strong as it should be. Let’s all just hope that I can distract it long enough to get through the race, and then pull back a bit on the distance and keep training it.

The minky is awake so better go say hi…

lots of love everyone!



Good husband. July 20, 2011

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Aw, flowers sent by hubby.



Little doll. July 16, 2011

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The wheaters are off for another weekend. Two weeks ago we were on the gold coast with Jules, Kate and Sarah, now we are in Melbourne with the Fraser clan. Bunny was so pooped in the taxi she fell asleep on her dad’s lap.


We caught up with aunty Ineke yesterday, who drove up from Geelong to meet bunny, and tomorrow we’re going to see jac. Plus we get to hang with Sarah and Simon and their furry babies all weekend. Best ever.


This morning I went for a 40min run along the water which was freeeeezing but really beautiful. Then we went to the cafe next door where I ate a pile of corn fritters, ham, avocado, relish and egg. Amazing. Now bunny is napping and this afternoon we are off to the MCG! So exciting, I’ve never been. Carlton vs collingwood… 90,000 people are expected. Omg!

Planning a longer run tomorrow morning, hopefully I can manage about an hour. Have a great weekend peeps.



Long run update… July 12, 2011

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So technically I’m only supposed to be doing 3km runs this week, according to the physio. Except that we all know that 3km runs don’t equal 14km races, so I figure I need to do a bit more than that, and then hopefully if I can get away with that for another five weeks, I can then be good and go back to shorter run and looking after my pelvic floor. Let’s hope it works anyway.

So Marsh and I swapped our Sunday morning spin class for a long run. We met at Marsha’s in Surry Hills, then ran down Crown St, down Oxford and out to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Botanic Gardens. Such a great run – you get all the inner city dirt (including people coming out of clubs at 10am…ughhh), and the beautiful arches of the trees in Hyde Park, and then the gorgeous Botanic Gardens (including a really great view of the Opera House and bridge). It’s a beautiful place to live. The weather was beautiful and sunny (although the wind was freezing before we got warm), and we chatted the whole way. It went quick and I felt really good – 7.5km, so I was pretty happy with that. I realised the next day that I don’t actually think I’ve run that far since December 2009, just after the marathon and before I got pregnant with Bunny.

This week so far involves cross training on Monday (fitness and strength) and a rest day today. I walked a lot with Bunny today as she wouldn’t sleep in her cot – possibly a combo of lingering cold and teething – so there were two pram walks, one successful involving sleep, and one not successful involving screaming. But it was probably good for stretching my legs.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to do a warm-up of around 3kms down at Rushcutters and then six reps of 400m hills, which I’ll probably do in Elizabeth Bay somewhere. Thursday will be an easy pace run of around 6km, then Friday morning we fly to Melbourne, so I’ll either do a run that afternoon or have it as a rest day. Then try to find a time over the weekend to do a long run that won’t disrupt spending time with our hosts and catching up with friends.

Hope everyone is going really well…here’s a photo taken in late June of Bunny with my cousin’s little ones, Sebastien and Lucille. Josie just LOVED them, as you can see. Awww.


Random muz fact #9. July 9, 2011

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He has taken fencing lessons. En garde!