Dog walking really is a full time job.

The honeymooners. June 28, 2009

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Breakfast: Cherries and apricot followed by bocconcini drizzled in olive oil, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, finely sliced sweet cherry tomatoes and sliced mozzarella. OMG. The first morning in Positano is off to a cracking start. AND it’s a buffet. You all know what that means.

So obviously the Wheaters have made it to Italy! Our room in Positano is great – we even have our own access via some old steps into big old double doors. The room has a balcony which overlooks the sea. Sure the walls have character stains and cracks, but the ocean is sparkling, there are rich people on boats and our white skin is going to get some sunbed love.

Positano is beautiful –  lemon trees everywhere, fig trees, olive trees, and shops full of lavender clothing, mostly in cheesecloth material. What the? I even saw a woman on the flight on the way here wearing the most coordinated outfit ever –  lavender jeans, a stripey lavender, purple, olive and white top, a lavender LEATHER handbag, and lavender mules with gemstones on it. Seriously. Lavender didn’t even suit her.

Also there’s loads of shops selling coral jewellery (a weird amount of shops selling coral jewellery) and some of it is actually alright. 

Another highlight is listening to the Americans talk at breakfast (you have no choice but to listen due to the decibel level), there’s one couple here from Boston, she’s in recruiting (so it’s crazy to spend lots on dinner in these economic times, right?) and her husband employs a lot of Portuguese and  Brazilian. Oh and some Hebrew because she went to college there.

Muz is leaning over my shoulder and giving me a hurry up to get to the beach (a reasonable 12 euro per sunbed) so I’d better choof.

Oh and another great thing about Positano – the dogs here wear BANDANAS! so you know what Ped is getting as a present…

lots of love, hugs and leopard print,

the wheaters xxx


This is how it’s gonna roll in NY… June 23, 2009

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It’s going to be me and these dudes…


Be afraid boys.

close up panda



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The weather and our training over the last few days…


  • Friday: 9km in the morning
  • Sat: rest/do the 9km if I don’t do it Friday morning
  • Sun: 6km
  • Mon: 8km
  • Tues: 6km


  • Friday: slept in (“I can do the run on Saturday instead”)
  • Saturday: hangover
  • Sunday: 8km
  • Mon: sick
  • Tues: slept in

But the weekend was heaps of fun – lots of catch ups with friends we haven’t seen for ages, duck papardelle, all good stuff. 

Spin is on the cards tonight to attempt to turn around a slow couple of days, and a run tomorrow morning. And the good news – we’ve had one AFD this week already! Go us. The plan is to not drink til we get on the plane.

Last week we fell shy of our 35km goal, managing 28km instead. This week the goal is 25km (plus one spin, one swim and one yoga for me, and a session of squash for Muz) as we head towards getting on the plane on Friday.

Then the challenge will be to find a way to keep training in between bowls of pasta, glasses of wine and lounging in the Italian sun…


Wise words June 22, 2009

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So I’ve had it in my mind that this marathon isn’t going to be too bad, because we’ll have the New York scenery to distract us. But while I know that New York scenery doesn’t equal panadol, now I’m feeling even more sure about it, after these wise words from our friend Graeme:

As a famous boxer said…

“You can map out a fight plan, or a life plan, but when the action starts it may not go the way you planned, and you’re down to your reflexes, your preparation. That’s where your roadwork shows. If you cheated on that in the dark of the morning, well, that’s where you’re going to get found out now, under the bright lights.”

He’s totally right of course. Dammit.


Stormy weather. June 19, 2009

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Afternoon all,

This morning we had a 9km run scheduled, but because it was wet ‘n’ wild outside, and because we were pooped, we slept in. Which leaves me with the situation that I have to get the 9kms in on Saturday morning, before I meet Grace for breakfast at 8:30am. I have a military-esque schedule this weekend, which means that before breakfast is the only option, and to add to the complications I have the architecture awards ball tonight – which means a) booze and b) a late night.

So that leaves me in a difficult place where I need to try and keep myself under control when there is free-flowing bubbles, and then back up that discipline by forcing myself out of bed at an hour where I’ll be running in the dark, on my own. Boo. All to make this rotten 35km weekly mileage target that I foolishly proclaimed to all earlier in the week. Why do I have no self control when it comes to having a good time?? I guess that’s the fundamental thing: for athletes, having a good time is getting to bed early and feeling good the next day when they want to get out of bed to train. Having a good time for me is drinking bubbles on a Friday night with my buddies and then getting up when I feel like it, and training if I feel like it, rather than when my schedule tells me to. In summary: I’m no athlete.

But I guess the race is run in the training…and if I want those 42kms to hurt less, then I’d better put the pain in now. Can I get an amen?

mrs w


Traitor. June 18, 2009

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You know that dog I love? Pedro? Yeah well, turns out he doesn’t feel the same way about me. It’s funny, because he seems happy  to see me when I rescue him from a 12 hour stint at home alone, he seems to be pleased when I give him dinner, he seems to like the pats he gets, and the toys I throw. But this morning, his true colours were shown. Black.

You see, Murray ran in front of me today in our 8km run along the river. As it’s an off-lead area, Ped was free to roam. He could (and did) go wherever he liked. And you know what? The little bugger never came to run with me. He ran the whole sodding way with Murray. He turned around to look at me twice (he probably is aware that if something happens to me, he’ll be relying to Murray to get home before 8 and feed him), and once he clapped eyes on me, he would turn around and run up to Murray again. So the boys enjoyed a very cosy run together. Apparently there is an ‘I’ in ‘team’.

So enjoy getting yourself dinner tonight Pedro. I suspect your lack of thumbs will mean it is a challenge for you.

And if you chew another one of my tops, consider this war.


What would the experts know anyway? June 17, 2009

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While being ‘a natural’ at something has never stopped me trying to do it before (hello, bike riding), I just read something which makes me a little concerned.

From marathontraining.com:

So when can I begin training?

I recommend that you don’t consider training for a marathon until you have been running consistently for at least one year. This means that you should be training a minimum of four to five days a week and averaging a minimum of 25 miles per week. While it is possible to begin marathon training at lower weekly mileage levels, one should keep in mind that doing so greatly increases his or her chances of incurring an over-use injury in the subsequent mileage buildup stage.


That’s 40 kilometres a week. eeek. For a year. Uh oh.

We’ve not been doing anything near that, so I’m hoping it’s overkill. Really hoping. Because we are kind of committed to this. Okay, so in light of this recent revelation, I’m committing to doing 35kms this week. I’ve already done 12km…if I don’t do it, I’m going to have to fess up.

Anyway, we walked Ped this morning and it was freezing, and now I’m eating breakfast, which is leftover dinner. Potato salad with olive oil dressing, poached chicken, bacon, cornichons, beans, goat milk feta and leaves. Diet of champions.

Swimming at squad tonight which should be good – back in the water after a few weeks off.

This whole marathon thing is going to be interesting…