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Run for your life June 15, 2009

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Can't work it out...Hey team,

In exciting news, which is more than unrelated to running the New York Marathon, Muz and I have booked a table at St John on July 10. OMG. Talk about exciting.

AND – to add to the excitement, when discussing this booking with the folks on the weekend, Mum mentioned that my great-grandfather was a butcher at Smithfield (where St John is). OMG again. Meat in the blood! I think that could be the coolest thing I’ve ever found out about my family.

Anyway, the marathon-related training got off to a great start this morning. We took Ped to the river and ran about 6kms. Sure, it’s a little shy of the 42.2km mark, but it’s a start. And Ped happily rode in the back of the new car, without wanting to jump over on to the back seat. Good boy. We even ran into our marathon friend Kevin and their dog Tamu. Big Kev’s just run London and will be toeing the line in New York too.

We’re aiming for a few more runs under the belt before we head off to Europe for the honeymoon. Exciiittiiiing.




One Response to “Run for your life”

  1. beyondbagot Says:

    vertie st john!!!! You know I think marrow will help bolster the legs for the NY run…

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