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Ow. June 16, 2009

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Morning peeps,

Training update: did a spin class last night with Clare, Rach and instructor Tanaya. I like her classes mainly because she looks cool – she’s got good hair, a good tatt, and she’s nice. Last night was supposed to be an AFD, but I went to a function after class, and quite frankly it’s rude not to take a glass of wine when it’s offered to you (ditto the two refills, ahem). This morning Muz and I took the pup down to the river again for another 6km. Ped loves it. He’s too funny – he saw someone on a kayak and was fascinated. He was bouncing and prancing along the river wall and wanting to get out to him to play. Bless.

My legs were heavy and sore though post-spin smashing. Now I’m hobbling around the office in heels and hoping that someone else will fetch me a coffee…ahem. But I’m happy we’ve managed to get out of bed two mornings in a row – getting up isn’t our strong point. Snuggling, snoozing and staying warm – we’re good at that.

On other fun things, I had a function at St George’s Cathedral last night. They were announcing the winner of the public art commission which is going to sit outside the cathedral (the cathedral is having a major reno and this is part of it). It’s pretty exciting for several reasons:

1. Perth hasn’t had a new piece of public art in yonks.

2. The finalists were selected by public vote and a committee.

3. The funding is from a private donation (go, rich person!).

4. We’ve written a story on the process and the finalists in the current edition of Insite. insite cover

Anyway, as often happens, I totally had a favourite. So I hunted down one of the artists (they did it in a pair) last night, and pawed him and told him how I wanted his to win. He told me a few really interesting stories behind how it would be constructed, which again, made me hope theirs won. And guess what?? It did! I’m so happy for them, and so excited for Perth. It’s a bit abstract but not totally, and it’s not a dude sitting on a horse killing a dragon. And, to add to it, they’re both artists from Perth (there were artists from around the world in the shortlist). This is the impression:
The two artists, Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri (Nathan – who I went with last night – and I class them both as young over achievers who we love to hate, which actually means we totally want them to be our friends), have both been in Insite before and Christian is one of our artist profiles for the spring edition (go us, we are sooo ahead of the curve). There will be lights coming out from the black granite rock on the ground, and there will be water running through it. And god knows how they’re going to get the big fabric-looking thing to stay up. Meh, not my problem.

Another function is on the cards tonight (architecture awards, part 1), then home to the pup and Muz.

Oh also, Lisa, my buddy who is a super triathlete and general healthy person, has brought a new ‘super food’ into our office. She’s always finding hilarious healthy stuff for us to try (chocolate covered goji bars, carob coated buckwheat crackers). This time it’s Chia Seeds. We cracked up yesterday when we read the description that they were ‘flavourless’. Because I’m totally the sort of person who buys food based on its lack of flavour. But apparently the Aztecs rated these flavourless seeds and their Omega-3 and antioxidant powers so highly, they even traded it like currency. So this morning Lisa and I had chia seeds on our breakfast (they were indeed flavourless, but the crunch was nice. I’d go back for more). I’ll let you know if my legs stop hurting as they also claim to be anti-inflammatory…


ps Clare and Lisa got me a coffee. Heart.


5 Responses to “Ow.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    Maybe I need things to be really literal, but I’m not seeing a dragon or a guy on a horse… But total snaps for you for picking the winner and making friends with them. We only want friends who are winners!
    Also snaps for you for backing up a spin class with a run.. ooowww.
    p.s. Nice work on the blog!! Too funny – now instead of emailing each other everything, we can do it with an audience.

  2. wheaters Says:

    ah ha ha totally. Seeing as they never green-lighted our TV careers, this is the next best thing.
    Don’t worry, there is no guy on a horse or dragon (however the spear thing should look like the lance that killed the dragon, and the black rock symbolises evil, and the white sheet thing is ‘good’). There was one finalist that was exactly that, and when he didn’t win he spat chips. I was standing near him, and in this thick (let’s call it Bulgarian) accent, he was like “it’s got nothing to do with St George and the Dragon!” ah ha ha. bitter? He was also wearing some sort of medal around his neck, like we should know what it was for and be impressed. Hilarious.

  3. Roozy poos Says:

    Totes into reading your NY marathon adventures, Weetie! You’re the never-ending goal-setter who never fails to achieve. I’m just aiming for City to Surf again this year – maybe with a little more training than the last one?? This blog will hopefully provide me with the inspiration.


  4. Max Says:

    Too black, too strong. I have set Wheaterville as my new homepage. The realness is strong in this one!

  5. Lisa O Says:

    Hurrah! So exciting you have a blog and I will feel like I get daily updates even when you’re away… you better commit to this blog, I think I’m becoming dependent already!

    Yay for chia seeds! Superfood to the stars (us!).

    I will hopefully have a blog up and running next time i comment so i can put it in the website section. Weeee!!!

    Happy Wednesday xo

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