Dog walking really is a full time job.

What would the experts know anyway? June 17, 2009

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While being ‘a natural’ at something has never stopped me trying to do it before (hello, bike riding), I just read something which makes me a little concerned.

From marathontraining.com:

So when can I begin training?

I recommend that you don’t consider training for a marathon until you have been running consistently for at least one year. This means that you should be training a minimum of four to five days a week and averaging a minimum of 25 miles per week. While it is possible to begin marathon training at lower weekly mileage levels, one should keep in mind that doing so greatly increases his or her chances of incurring an over-use injury in the subsequent mileage buildup stage.


That’s 40 kilometres a week. eeek. For a year. Uh oh.

We’ve not been doing anything near that, so I’m hoping it’s overkill. Really hoping. Because we are kind of committed to this. Okay, so in light of this recent revelation, I’m committing to doing 35kms this week. I’ve already done 12km…if I don’t do it, I’m going to have to fess up.

Anyway, we walked Ped this morning and it was freezing, and now I’m eating breakfast, which is leftover dinner. Potato salad with olive oil dressing, poached chicken, bacon, cornichons, beans, goat milk feta and leaves. Diet of champions.

Swimming at squad tonight which should be good – back in the water after a few weeks off.

This whole marathon thing is going to be interesting…



One Response to “What would the experts know anyway?”

  1. Sarah Haslam Says:

    Wow, this will be an awesome thing to participate in Em! I absolutely love the atmosphere of a marathon, and NY! Very cool. Good luck in the training.

    Dunk is getting me a cool bike for my birthday so triathlons are looking interesting to me from afar at the moment…ah the flatness of Perth inspires me!

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