Dog walking really is a full time job.

Traitor. June 18, 2009

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You know that dog I love? Pedro? Yeah well, turns out he doesn’t feel the same way about me. It’s funny, because he seems happy  to see me when I rescue him from a 12 hour stint at home alone, he seems to be pleased when I give him dinner, he seems to like the pats he gets, and the toys I throw. But this morning, his true colours were shown. Black.

You see, Murray ran in front of me today in our 8km run along the river. As it’s an off-lead area, Ped was free to roam. He could (and did) go wherever he liked. And you know what? The little bugger never came to run with me. He ran the whole sodding way with Murray. He turned around to look at me twice (he probably is aware that if something happens to me, he’ll be relying to Murray to get home before 8 and feed him), and once he clapped eyes on me, he would turn around and run up to Murray again. So the boys enjoyed a very cosy run together. Apparently there is an ‘I’ in ‘team’.

So enjoy getting yourself dinner tonight Pedro. I suspect your lack of thumbs will mean it is a challenge for you.

And if you chew another one of my tops, consider this war.


2 Responses to “Traitor.”

  1. dodd Says:

    I’ve often suspected that Peds is a misogynist. Perhaps it’s because we can throw the ball further?

  2. wheaters Says:

    I think you might be right Dodd. I’m still dark with him. I feel like a jilted lover. I know it’s unreasonable, but I can’t help it.

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