Dog walking really is a full time job.

Dismal. June 23, 2009

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The weather and our training over the last few days…


  • Friday: 9km in the morning
  • Sat: rest/do the 9km if I don’t do it Friday morning
  • Sun: 6km
  • Mon: 8km
  • Tues: 6km


  • Friday: slept in (“I can do the run on Saturday instead”)
  • Saturday: hangover
  • Sunday: 8km
  • Mon: sick
  • Tues: slept in

But the weekend was heaps of fun – lots of catch ups with friends we haven’t seen for ages, duck papardelle, all good stuff. 

Spin is on the cards tonight to attempt to turn around a slow couple of days, and a run tomorrow morning. And the good news – we’ve had one AFD this week already! Go us. The plan is to not drink til we get on the plane.

Last week we fell shy of our 35km goal, managing 28km instead. This week the goal is 25km (plus one spin, one swim and one yoga for me, and a session of squash for Muz) as we head towards getting on the plane on Friday.

Then the challenge will be to find a way to keep training in between bowls of pasta, glasses of wine and lounging in the Italian sun…


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