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The honeymooners. June 28, 2009

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Breakfast: Cherries and apricot followed by bocconcini drizzled in olive oil, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, finely sliced sweet cherry tomatoes and sliced mozzarella. OMG. The first morning in Positano is off to a cracking start. AND it’s a buffet. You all know what that means.

So obviously the Wheaters have made it to Italy! Our room in Positano is great – we even have our own access via some old steps into big old double doors. The room has a balcony which overlooks the sea. Sure the walls have character stains and cracks, but the ocean is sparkling, there are rich people on boats and our white skin is going to get some sunbed love.

Positano is beautiful –  lemon trees everywhere, fig trees, olive trees, and shops full of lavender clothing, mostly in cheesecloth material. What the? I even saw a woman on the flight on the way here wearing the most coordinated outfit ever –  lavender jeans, a stripey lavender, purple, olive and white top, a lavender LEATHER handbag, and lavender mules with gemstones on it. Seriously. Lavender didn’t even suit her.

Also there’s loads of shops selling coral jewellery (a weird amount of shops selling coral jewellery) and some of it is actually alright. 

Another highlight is listening to the Americans talk at breakfast (you have no choice but to listen due to the decibel level), there’s one couple here from Boston, she’s in recruiting (so it’s crazy to spend lots on dinner in these economic times, right?) and her husband employs a lot of Portuguese and  Brazilian. Oh and some Hebrew because she went to college there.

Muz is leaning over my shoulder and giving me a hurry up to get to the beach (a reasonable 12 euro per sunbed) so I’d better choof.

Oh and another great thing about Positano – the dogs here wear BANDANAS! so you know what Ped is getting as a present…

lots of love, hugs and leopard print,

the wheaters xxx


6 Responses to “The honeymooners.”

  1. Jac Says:

    “Super gelosa”. Have a glass (bottle) of limoncello for me!

  2. Marshie Says:

    Groooooan. I want you to know I read this post first thing Monday morning, and now we can’t be friends any more becaue I have actually been consumed by my own jealously.
    p.s. Muz would look totally hot in some lavender linnen pants, no?

  3. Rach Says:

    1. Muz deffo needs linen pants of some description, how else is he going to look like a bloated drug lord millionaire? (My lame uncle Dom – of the Rome dwelling relatives – wears white linen pants and pale pink tees all the time.)
    2. Nom nom nom.


  4. Jess Says:

    Sigh. The view from my Balcatta window is always dull, but it seems even DULLER than ever now. THANKS!

    So happy to hear the Wheaters made it to the Amalfi in one piece. I’m missing you terribly already and I’m still incredibly jealous of your super European adventure.

    The lady in lavender must have been quite a highlight. I’m sure you’ll manage to see through the purple haze and focus on some of that fabulous coral. It’s an UNREAL summer shade. Am a fan of a spot of coral jewellery.

    And the bandanas sound too cute. Em, I laughed out loud when you mentioned them above – can just picture peds in his new get-up. He’ll be the envy of every dog at the park. I’m sure Goo will be pissed off that she’s not as fabulous and Euro as Pedro. Hope it doesn’t give her an inferiority complex. She has enough to contend with, what with a mini Zoiti on its way and all!

    Aywho – this is about you, not me and the Goo, so I’ll let you get back to your honeymoon.

    Love you both heaps and hope you’re having a BALL (sure that goes without saying).

    Looking forward to the next update.


  5. the jones' Says:

    la dolci vita huh!
    lets see a photo of the honeymooners in lavender bathers!
    lavender is just another one of those wanna be pink colours!
    ped says no lavender for his handsome neck thanks
    say hi to lance from us

    étreintes et baisers
    amour de les jones’

  6. Max Says:

    Bandanas? So awesome! Hope the rest of your trip is going great guns!

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