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Horses, squirrels and 50% off. July 14, 2009

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Hi everyone!

Sorry this post is so overdue. There have been so many hilarious things worth blogging about, but internet has been thin on the ground…also perhaps we’ve been distracted by galleries, train rides and shops. Am currently sitting in my pjs, in the London flat of Murray’s friend Ben. Ben has been kind enough to vacate his home so the Wheaters can take over with their overflowing suitcases, shopping bags and unreasonable amounts of toiletries. Muz found a snack that he loves, called potato twirls, and indeed they are twirly, however with the texture of recycled cardboard. Of course because they are covered in salt and vinegar I’m still eating them.

Just quickly, I’ll backtrack on a few highlights of the trip so far:

1. Italian men’s fashion. They are really sharp dressers – even those in their mid 60s and up are trotting out the lemon slacks, crisp white shirts and pink cashmere sweaters draped over shoulders. Italians in general (men, women, dogs) have been the best dressed country so far.

2. Portofino – this coastal town is total Richie Rich stuff. The local shops include Hermes, Brioni, Gucci, Pucci, Panerai and a host of other places you can’t afford. Also a highlight, seeing a woman walk her daschund down the road, stopping at a shop (which name I forget) that has a daschund for its logo (it’s a menswear shop, which has sharp clothes with daschund logos on it. I tried to get Muz to buy a shirt but he wouldn’t stump the $250 for it. Whatever).

3. Seeing the start of the Tour, and seeing Lance Armstrong ride right past us. We got a great possie 250m from the finish of the individual time trial, and it was incredible. Some of the riders were so close than an enthusiastic Perth girl could have pushed them over. Ahem.

4. Seeing Roque Ruiz’s Italian cousin on a train in Italy. All the cool young kids are wearing baseball caps in the most lame way – they make the fitting too small so it sorts of sits up high on their head with most of the cap filled with air, not head (well, both really). So of course this is how Ital-Roq was wearing his pink Burberry one, whilst doing chin ups on one of the carriage bars, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth (all to impress the ladies, natch).

5. Paris was beautiful and amazing – best of all, our hotel was on the same street as Miu miu, Colette, Mulberry etc etc. Even better, I got a pair of Miu miu heels at 50%. Which totally makes them cheaper than a pair of Sachis with lots of crystals.

6. Running around Hyde Park in London and seeing not only squirrels (cuuuute) but also the Horse Guard doing some practice runs, which was amazing. Big, shiny black horses and soliders in all their finery…so cool.

7. Seeing buddies in London – the inimitable and gorgeous Christine Gibson, Chris George and Lani who seem so happy, Sarah Hughes who went to the wrong street in the wrong area and took two hours to get to the pub.

8. Food everywhere – buffalo mozarella and fresh tomatoes and olive oil in Italy, summer berries in Englang (OMG), gnocchi in Italy, pastry in Paris.

So we’re in London for one more day, then we pick up a car and head off to see the Wheater rellies around the UK. London has been wonderful, I love everything about it here. Also, excellent news, the red panda is really making a popular push here. This is all based on a poster on the Tube for the London Zoo – they have all these cute little animals poking their heads out of a ‘jungle’, and of course there’s a smily little red panda. Quite an obscure animal me thinks, for such a campaign…ahem.

Anyway will post this and try and do some other ones, taking advantage of Ben’s laptop. Oh the runs have been somewhat sporadic – we’ve done about 5 on the trip so far, so not great. We did an amazing run between Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, along the coast. The water there is incredible – crystal clear, just beautiful. Both Italy and Nice were super hot and humid so running was really tough. Not to mention that the roads can be cliffside, windy and with no space for footpath or anything. So it felt like it was pretty much us and the cars…

We’re off to do some shopping today too – Muz has shopped me under the table, so I’m playing catch up. Thinking about you all lots and hope you’re all going well with your various training (City to Surf, the Worlds etc). We talk about peeps back home a lot and of course make about 20 references to Pedro a day…

lots of love,



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