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Tongue and marrow. July 14, 2009

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This is for the foodsters out there…

A couple of nights ago we went to St John’s in Smithfield. You might recall me being super excited about this at the time we made the booking. Anyway, it was fantastic. Interior-wise, not what I expected at all. All white, including floorboards, with an almost old butcher/science lab feel, but still warm (if that makes any sense at all). The menu would be challenging if you weren’t up for their nose to tail eating – I realised when we were there, that not all were on a pilgrimage like us. The table of youngsters next to us worked near by, and perhaps weren’t really aware of what they were getting in to. One guy ordered the ‘chicken’ (pigeon) and he even struggled with that. So anyway, what we ate was way more fun.

We were given a choice of table – action, right near the kitchen at the pass, or private and cosy. Of course we went action, and were rewarded for doing so. We could see a whole roast pig from our spot, plus marrow and the head chef inspecting plates.

Entree. Muz ordered the potted beef with pickled beetroot. I ordered the bone marrow and parsley salad. His was lovely – like a pulled beef, totally rich and yummo, with beautiful beetroot. So, so good. Mine was excellent. They presented four tall bits of bone on the plate and gave you some metal scraper thing to pull the marrow out with. You then spread that on toast, sprinkled salt over it, then put some of the parsley salad (parsley, capers, shallots, oil and lemon juice) on top. Amazing.  Scraping bones out however does give you a good reminder of where it all comes from.

Main. Muz ordered the Middlewhite pork and peas, I ordered the salad of lambs’ tongues with broad beans, radishes and carrot. (You can see I went adventurous, while Muz ensured we actually had something to eat if the tongues went awry) The pork was beautifuly cooked, and the fresh peas were rich in juices and soft and completely salty and yum. The tongues were actually great – super salty, almost like a corned beef in flavour, soft and fibrous in texture. The little radishes weren’t hot, but crisp and fresh and the broad beans were fab too.

We did have dessert which was amazing too – profiteroles with lemon curd and stawberries for me and eccles cake and lancashire cheese for muz. Nom nom nom. AND, Ralph Fiennes came in towards the end. On his own, not an air hostess in sight…

Anyway just wanted to update on St John’s, it really was great… the menu also had chitterlings, pigeon, sole, and some other oddities I can’t remember. I did keep the menu somewhere…



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  1. beno Says:

    oh god this sounds good em, so jealous!

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