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The brioche revelation. July 15, 2009

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I have to say that I never got brioche. I thought it dry and boring. However on our breakfast buffet in Positano, they served brioche, and it was light, fluffly, vanilla/custardy and delicious. Now I get it. If I can find something similar at home, I’ll let ye know…


4 Responses to “The brioche revelation.”

  1. Jess Says:

    Darling, is this a delayed reaction???? You left Positano, positively weeks ago!

    Loved your drunk entry – you were doing so well until you started recalling your escapades with Stine… all downhill from there.

    So envious of everything you’re doing. Sounds like you and Muz are having a ball. Hoping the good times continue to roll baby.

    Miss you and can’t wait for your next entry, or to see you – whichever comes first.


    PS: Proud of the running – remember that five is so much better than four, which is better than three….

    • wheaters Says:

      No, not a delayed reaction but I remembered that I had to write about the brioche revelation I had, because it seemed too important not to write! pee hee.

      more importantly, so proud of YOU, new mum!! OMG!


  2. shineom Says:

    OMG Emma – what a fantastic time you have been having, so TOTALLY jealous.

    Just to make you feel even better we are having the most appalling weather – howling winds, pouring rain and HAIL – last night it was coming down my chimney! So you timed your trip perfectly.

    Hope you have a fab time visiting the relatives and I will be very disappointed if you don’t come home heavily shopped – I want to see bountiful purchases on your return.

    Claire xx

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Em Sweetie,
    You and Christophe can band together in the search! He’s found a pretty close match, but it’s not quite there. That ‘custardy’ thing is always missing.
    Can’t wait to hear all you tales darling.
    Love to you both.
    Caro xxx

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