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Touchdown. July 29, 2009

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Home, home on the plain, where the Ped and the Wellington play…

We’re back! After four wonderful weeks, we’re back home and reunited with our pup. Ped was suuuuper excited to see us, and thanks to Rachael, Clare and Ruiz, he was so well looked after I’m sure there’s a little bit of him that wants them back. Apparently one night Clare woke up and found him snoozing on the bed, stretched out next to her…clearly he thought there was a new, hot sheriff in town and he wanted to set some new rules.

Anyway, I never got to blog about our time in Scotland, which was just blissful, and so great to see Muz’s home town of Aberfeldy. We stayed at his mum’s cottage in nearby Dull, and spent our evenings watching the light change on the hills and over the valley, as clouds rolled in and out. We drank wine, ate cheese, read books and chatted. It was just so lovely. We even managed a couple of runs! Crazy, who’d have thought?

For one night we did the (long) drive to the Isle of Skye, where we had an amazing meal at the Three Chimneys, and stayed at The Spoons. It’s a little B&B run by a lovely couple, and we’d recommend it for sure. This was our room: spoons

Our taxi driver to the Three Chimneys was John, a born and bred Skye man. Oh aye, yes. I’ve never heard so many ‘ayes’ in my life, and it was wonderful. As for the food, we did the seven course dego option, where each course’s main ingredient was sourced locally. It was brilliant. We’ve decided that it’s deffo one of our top five eating experiences. Do yourself a favour…I took the menu so will update it here at some stage. Also the sommelier was like Gareth’s (from The Office) lost twin – with brown hair and wine knowledge as opposed to army knowledge. Hilarious.

The main drive (from Aberfeldy to Skye) itself was spectacular – soaring mountains, rocky cliff faces, incredible scenery. We caught a tiny, hand-winched ferry from Glenelg across to Skye which was so special. The ferry was going to be closed in favour of newer, bigger ferries and a bridge, so the community bought it to keep it going. If you are ever over that way, make the effort to use it, as it’s worth supporting, and without people using it, it’ll go the way of so many cute, if now a little inefficient, things. It’s the romantic-life’s-too-short-not-to-be-whimsical options. The boat even had a dog (which of course I patted).

We stayed on the Isle of Bute with our super friends Iain and Sarah. The Scoons have just bought a little piece of paradise  – their new house is a 1800s Georgian house which is amazing, amazing, amazing. They are renovating it at the moment, it’s a total Grand Designs-esque jobbie. I’m talking winding staircases, high ceilings, massive rooms, the whole bit. In our excitement on the first night we went out for a curry, Sarah and I managed about three bottles of wine between the two of us. Ouch. The next day Murray and I went for a run to try and shake the hangover but it just got worse from there. Not even Irn-Bru could help. But a picnic and a day at the beach, followed by a nap, did. Then of course we went out to dinner again. We overate and marvelled at the serving sizes of liver and bacon at local bistro (Sarah seriously was served about 600g of big bits of liver and about 300g bacon, you’ve never seen anything like it). Iain and I went for steak pies while Murray had the double lamb chop in gravy. Nom nom nom. Then of course Iain and I complained about how full and uncomfortable we were – in between bites of sticky date pudding (shared, natch). Bets are on to see how much weight we’ve gained so far…

Next day we sadly left Iain, Sarah and Scotland, drove to Glasgow and hopped on the plane home. And here we are…

Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up on everyone’s news, near and far…



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