Dog walking really is a full time job.

Baby bliss. August 24, 2009

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I’m  very overdue and bad fake aunty – my darling friends Jess and Phil had their baby girl, Alessandra, on July 22 (Jess was one of my bridesmaids and was about 5 months pregnant at the wedding). She is, of course, totally adorable and gorgeous, just like her parents. Yesterday we were at a baby shower for our friend Tanja, and I had a really good cuddle. Alie fell asleep on me for ages – she curled up just like a little koala and just stayed there. So, so cute.

em and alie


Hills, veggies and chats.

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Last week I did a great hills session with Lisa. It was that foul Thursday night, raining, dark and cold. We thought we were tough for getting out at all, so we thought we’d do a 2km warm up with 2 reps of the 1.6km hill. Then I got to Lisa’s house and her husband and super triathlete Sean told us we should do a 1km warm up and 3 reps of the hill as planned. Dammit! So of course we had to do it. The hill was long and I have to say I found it harder than I expected to. Lisa zipped off and I lagged behind (which I totally expected), freaking myself out about why I had thought running a marathon was a good idea, when I was so clearly so damn unfit. “God, I hope the NY course is sort of flat” thoughts along with “I really should have done more training by now.”
On the second rep I felt better and was beating myself up less, thinking more along the lines of “well, this marathon thing should be okay…I guess.” The third rep felt good too, and I enjoyed thinking about how amazing it was that I hadn’t killed any snails (there were loads out enjoying the rain), and how hilarious big fluffy cats are (we saw one and I said “hi mate, don’t get your coat too wet” and Lisa said “Oh he’d be so heavy if he got all wet” which I found really funny for some reason). We did crunch a few snails on the way down…sorry guys.

Anyway it was a hard session but I was smiling on the way home, feeling really proud of us for doing it. Lis and I did a long run on Sunday morning too – straight into a lot of headwind. It was a really blowy morning down at Cott so we had to run a bit slower than planned, but we had a nice chat for the just-under-14km run. Then a lovely smoothie at Beaches, and home to Muz and the pup.

I’ve been doing bikram yoga 2-3 times a week which has been so valuable with keeping the legs fresh. I’d like to get there more (and do more runs obviously) but work and life have been hectic, so I’ve been working late and on weekends (boo). But snaps for the yoga.

Friday night Muz and I went to a nutrition seminar (rowdy!), which was really interesting. A very good message at the core, although I got a bit sick of the presentation style. She does a lot of talking to school kids, so there were too many crazy voices, jokes about poo and that sort of thing. Just tell us the info, lady. But we have decided to take away a few key points:

We need to drink more water (2.5-3L, more with exercise, coffee and booze)

We don’t get enough fruit and veg – we need about 5-9 cups a day. As much raw as you can get.

While it’s all stuff we know, we need to put it into practice. We also need to get a bit smarter with what you eat and when, so hopefully making a few healthy tweaks will give us more energy.


New addition to the family.

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When we were in Scotland, we went past a horn carver’s shop. It was filled with treasures – all made from found antlers from the nearby hills. Bottle openers, cheese knives, letter openers and so much more. And probably unsurprisingly, I found something to buy.horn carver

In fact, I found two things: a carving set and a candelabra. I thought the candelabra was more hilarious (natch), but also liked the idea of carving a roast with an antler set. Anyway, Muz and I debated and he said to get the one I liked more, even though it would be a hassle to get home. Quote: “It’ll be a pain for 20 hours, then it’ll be worth it.” Me: (clapping) “Yay! You’d pay a fortune for something like this at home…”

Then we went to Bute, and spent some time with our friends Iain and Sarah (see earlier post). bute - sarah, muz, iain

On our last night after much mirth about my purchase, Iain pointed out that perhaps airport security would consider an antler (even with candle holders) as a weapon, and I wouldn’t be allowed to carry it on board the plane. Hmm. It wouldn’t fit in a suitcase, and Murray thought if it was checked in to the hold it would be damaged. So Iain and Sarah very kindly offered to post it home to us.

So then began the saga of Archie the Antler and his quest to emigrate to the golden shores of Western Australia. Iain took Archie to work (his London law firm) and asked the secretary to look in to it. The mail department spent days looking for a box big enough (Archie’s not that long but he’s sort of high and deep). Then the courier refused to take it, on the basis it was an animal product (Iain very sagely  pointed out that what would they say if it was just a nice pair of leather strides?). THEN, Iain found out that we needed an invoice stating what sort of deer it came from (some are endangered, red deer aren’t, AND the bloody antlers drop off anyway so it’s not like they die), so he contacted the horn carver. Then he did some research on red deer, for a letter to send with Archie, so Aussie customs could read it (we all know how keen Oz customs are on animal bits). After weeks of effort (Archie became the cause de celebre in the mail room apparently ), Archie left. Then he went to Sydney.

Murray received a note from customs saying that his mad wife’s antlers had arrived, but they wanted to check them, and would we be okay to pay a couple of hundred to have that done? Of course, no probs. This is why my “this would be so expensive at home” comment now seems ruefully ignorant.

Anyway, Archie’s now arrived in WA. So I excitedly unpacked him yesterday.

His box: box

Under wraps, Ped isn’t quite so sure: under wraps

Peeking out: nearly out

Ped not sure about my taste in homewares: ped sniffs

Ta-da! archie

I love it to bits. I know it’s not everyone’s (most people’s) taste, but I think it’s awesome. And hilarious. All that effort (none of it mine, mind you) is totally worth it (thanks team, thanks Shermans mail room), although I do feel rotten about the saga. But as I kept saying to Murray, “you’ll be able to dine out on this story for the rest of our lives, so really we’ve both gotten something out of this. Ahem.

thanks Iain and Sarah…I’d say we owe you, but then you might want to buy some kangaroo rug and make me send it to you..



He’s just a lovely little dog. August 19, 2009

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As I type this, Pedro has taken himself off to his bed (his actual dog bed, as opposed to the rug in the guest room, or the couch). It often strikes me what a lovely little guy he is, and right now is one of those moments. He’s just so cute. Anyway, he’s curled up like a cat (a big one) in his bed. He’s also very lucky because his good friend Wellington left him a new toy…it’s like roadkill, and it’s a squirrel – hilarious.

However the point of this is a belated update, not to gush about the pup. Good news for the Muz fans – the physio is happy with the leg’s progress and after two weeks off, he was allowed out for a run tonight. We did a slow 20 mins around the dog park with Ped, waving to Pete over the back fence as we went. Then it’s a day off, another 20 min run, a day off, 30 min run etc. Up to two 40 min runs. He should be okay to do City to Surf but only as a training run (rather than a time trial) and the 12km rather than the half. So that’s totally good news as we thought he was out of the running (boom boom!) altogether.

In the last week I’ve been taking it easy on my sore/tight leg as per physio advice. I’ve done a few slow, flat runs, staying away from hills and intervals. Last week I did a couple of 5kms with Ped, a 10km (Galloway) with Clare on Saturday followed by a 16km (Galloway again) on my own on Sunday. I ran super slow, and needed lots of stretching. I enjoyed the 16km though – I went on my own, didn’t have an ipod or anything, and just ran along, lost in my thoughts. My legs got tight super fast though, so I used my Galloway Minute to have a quick stretch each time then resume to a walk. I think it really helped, and even with those stops I still averaged 6min kilometres – which isn’t fast (at all), but not bad considering I was stopping every 9 mins… I also got completely soaked, but I did see a huge pack of water birds, 17 pelicans and a pod of dolphins all hanging out together as I was plodding along the river, which really made it worthwhile and special. I was freezing though by the time I got home – Muz ran me a radox bath which I gratefully dived into, and then I sipped on my coffee for a spot of revival. I’ve been to bikram yoga three times since the last post too – while it’s not my preferred yoga it’s great because it’s a good stretch and it’s low stress and low commitment which is perfect for now. And even though I have to content with this horrific pink, bloated looking thing in the mirror, my contacts tend to get blurry with sweat so I can pretend the Christmas ham staring back at me in the mirror isn’t actually me.

Tomorrow is a run with my lovely friend Lisa, and I think we’re doing hills, so a good stretch on Friday will be required – either 6am yoga or a stretch after another run. Then I have to work out the weekend – perhaps a Saturday run and yoga then a Sunday long run. It’s my last long run before the City to Surf half.

Also Friday night I’ve roped poor Muz into a nutrition seminar – I’m just feeling really unmotivated to shed the extra weight yet at the same time am sick of it hanging around. So will be interesting to see what happens there. I’m hoping to be invigorated to make some serious change (if only I didn’t really, really like drinking wine).

big hugs, gang



Weigh in. August 11, 2009

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Today was a fortnight from our first weigh-in post holiday. We said we’d lose the weight we put on in the same amount of time, which means by today we should each be down by roughly a kilo. So I should’ve been 63.1kg and Muz should’ve been 81.2kg. Good news – I came in at 62.8kg. Bad news – Muz is 82.9kg. However he’s been laid low with the bung leg and not been able to train. He loses weight easily though so as soon as he’s exercising again he’ll be right as rain. He’s not happy about it though.

Meanwhile I’ve been told to take it easy with a sore muscle, so for the next 4-5 days I can’t do intervals or hills, it’s all about slow, flat and easy with lots of stops for stretches. God knows how we’re going to run this thing at the rate we’re going. So I missed out on intervals with Lisa tonight and my plan for hills tomorrow will have to be amended.

Good news though – today Marshy reported that Jordan will be running in the New York marathon too. So hopefully that means I won’t be last now.



Oops. August 9, 2009

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gifts m and m

I nearly forgot – Steph and Pete’s children Max and Maddie often present Pedro with gifts of their old toys (which he LOVES – we’ve had ladybirds, elephants, giraffes, foxes, all sorts), and sometimes we get handmade gifts too. Last night was one of those occasions – the kids had spent time that day making these awesome bejewelled, sparkly treasures (which had Commonwealth bank paper and cheesestik boxes as bases). Maddie also made a card which had a drawing of Muz and I on the outside (actually pretty good likenesses) and jewels on the inside. They’re too cute.

ps I can’t work out why the pic is on its side, but you get the idea.


Broke down palace.

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Bad news for the Muz fans out there – he’s torn a calf muscle. He was a bit sore on one of his runs to work last week, and ignoring Dr Green’s orders, ran to work again the next day. Anyway after finally agreeing to see a physio, he’s been diagnosed with a low level tear. So no running or riding for 7 – 10 days. Bap bow.

Friday night I didn’t get to yoga but my buddy Clare talked me in to a spin class. I had heaps of energy and really went for it, so felt like I totally earnt the lemon and chicken risotto I made that night for dinner. Nom nom nom. I’m not normally much into chicken risotto as I think it can get too heavy with the meat, but I didn’t use much meat, and cut it up small (watch out masterchef) and the lemon made it really interesting. So I promised myself I’d go to yoga in the morning to stretch out my sore limbs.

Made it to bikram on Saturday which was good, I forgot just how much that class makes you sweat, it’s off the hook. I think I need to get back in to yoga to keep injuries under control, and because I’ve not done ashtanga for so long, bikram will be good for now as I don’t need to remember any sequences. I think ultimately I’d like to go back to ashtanga though, I just really dig the headspace it puts you in.

Saturday night we had an impromptu dinner with our friends and neighbours Steph and Pete. Steph made an awesome chicken, lemon, olive and potato casserole, and we had all this amazing cheese from the Re Store. argghhhh so good. I totally have a soft spot for their daughter Maddie, she’s completely hilarious and always doing something awesome (eg refusing to wear anything but a Wonder Woman costume to kindy – that’s the spirit). So last night I sat in her hair salon while I had ‘special spray’ sprayed in my hair and had it brushed. Cuuuute.

Anyway, while I didn’t feel it at the time, bikram got me. Sunday morning I woke up and every little bit of me was sore. Like, even the front of my shoulders, my back, my legs, everywhere. So I didn’t go for a long run as planned, which I’m really bummed about, but I knew I’d be doing myself in if I did, and the idea of going through 15kms of agony just didn’t seem smart. So Muz and I hit the pool (he’s allowed to swim) for the first time in months. It was really good to be back in the water even though I only did 1km and a slow kilometre at that. So I’m rescheduling this week’s training and hoping I’ll be less sore tomorrow so I can do today’s long run tomorrow morning.

We have a fortnightly weigh-in on Tuesday morning to see if we’re on schedule to lose our holiday bulge. I suspect we won’t have – aside from not eating three course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and not drinking a bottle of wine each night, we’ve not really made much effort. I suspect the weight gain will have stopped, but the loss may not have kicked in. If we are on track, Muz should punch out  81.2kg and I should be at 63.1kg.

To be continued…