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What about the running? August 4, 2009

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hi gang,

it just occured to me that really this blog has become less about the running, and more about the food. Must be because that is what I spend most of my time on. Anyway it’s time the Wheaters pulled back the focus to the NY marathon – I keep thinking about Gremy’s quote from Rocky – the whole ‘you don’t see your training in the dark mornings, but out here, under the bright lights, it shows’ or something to that effect, ie put in the effort now!!

After Europe we’ve come back a couple of kgs heavier, and it is really felt. We’ve committed to lose the weight we put on in the same amount of time we put it on, ie 2.5kg in 4 weeks. Ideally we both want to shed about 4kg to get to ideal race weight.

The weekend’s training was an 80km ride for Muz on Sunday, while I took Ped on a lap of Lake Monger (a shameful 4kms), and Sunday we did the Bridges together. Sunday was also Murray’s birthday, so we got started on our run late, and had had a few drinks the night before, so booze + heat + fat made it a tough run. Not exactly confidence boosting.

Yesterday I took Ped to the park and did a warm up then some intervals, again, it was hard yakka. Tonight I’m off to Bold Park with Lisa (who is training for the long course Worlds) and her gang of super triathletes – I see my role as two-fold: one, I need to get the hills training happening, and two, I’ll make them all feel like absolute athletic legends as I struggle along in their dust. So really I’m more mascot than anything else.
red panda mascot

Also, really exciting, to add to my sporty birthday bounty of arm warmers from Steph & Pete, now Jules & Kate have given me some running gloves and a running belt! I’m stoked. Even better, they’re pink and grey. Cute. My paws get so cold in the mornings and I’d totally planned on getting myself some gloves, so I feel very supported and very spoilt.

Muz has a niggling sore right knee and I have a left knee that’s trying to get in on the act. Nothing a bit of physio can’t fix I’m sure. Also today will pick up my Polar after getting the battery changed, I’ll be so happy to have it back.

Will report back on the hills session tonight…


One Response to “What about the running?”

  1. parsons Says:

    Happy Birthday Muz!

    I trust you celebrated appropriately (or, inappropriately, as the case may be…)


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