Dog walking really is a full time job.

The hills are alive (with the sound of shuffling) August 6, 2009

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Well I went along to my buddy Lisa’s hills session on Tuesday night, and it was really worthwhile (on Lisa’s site you can even see a pic of us post-warm up, pre-hills). Sure, I struggled along behind everyone else (the shuffling kicks in so early!), did several reps less than the others, but I’m still glad I went. As I suspected, I was a good mascot, encouraging Cam along on his fifth lap (me, standing at the bottom stretching, helpfully going “oh Kimmy just left so you totally have time for another one” after I’ve only done two and don’t intend to do any more). I think Cam would’ve been quite happy to stop after four, and then felt like he was copping out after I was like “off you pop”. Oops. I think maybe I have a potential career in being one of those overweight coaches that tell everyone else what to do but couldn’t actually do it themselves…

So anyway, the hill was really tough. Super steep in parts, without much reprise til the final downhill. Lisa’s mate Kim has done an Ironman, and she used to do 8 or 9 reps of that hill in her training (ps, no matter how many times I think about it, running a marathon AFTER riding 180kms and after swimming 3.8kms seems completely irrational and out of this world). So anyway I have a couple of things to aim for:

  • Get up to 7 or 8 reps (remember I’m not riding for 5 or 6 hours previous to doing the marathon)
  • Try to get my best time as close to 5 mins as I can. My best lap so far is 6:05.

The next morning was one of my work-from-home days in my new freelancer life, so after a few hours of work, Ped and I headed to the dog park for a lap, then we did a slow recovery lap of Monger. My legs felt really heavy, and now, on Thursday, after a full rest day, they’re still sore! Ped doesn’t love doing the Monger lap – he hates running over the freeway, doesn’t really dig being on the lead and tries to chase ducks and he can’t. So really he does me a favour by coming along, even though it’s not actually that easy to run with him. As I type now, he’s sleeping on the floor next to me. He’s been such a cute little dog lately.

The schedule tomorrow is for a 5km semi hard run, so we might take the pup down to the river so he can run along off lead.

Last night we had our buddies Sarah and Simon, and James and Juliet over for dinner. Sarah and Simon now live in Radelaide, but are over here prior to heading off overseas for a lovely long European vacation for Simon’s 40th birthday. So we had French bubbles (I love S&S because they have no problem busting out Veuve midweek, thanks team), Jules made awesome fish cakes, I made a duck and pineapple curry, a chicken, chilli and thai basil stir fry and snow peans and baby corn in shaoxing and oyster sauce. It was all so yum. Sarah made beautiful poached pears with a silky Cointreau chocolate sauce. Arghhhhhh. Nom nom nom. So with sore legs and a late night, we were very grateful to have today as our rest day.

Hopefully Friday night I’ll make it to yoga before more long runs on the weekend, I really feel like a need a stretch. Muz has a strategy thingo Friday night and most of Saturday so I’ll have plenty of time to sort out the spare room/junk room/my new office and catch up on work. Wow, rowdy.

Also, it’s three weeks this weekend til City to Surf! That’s a half marathon for us so we reaaaaallly need to step this show up. Long run this weekend is 15km.



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