Dog walking really is a full time job.

Broke down palace. August 9, 2009

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Bad news for the Muz fans out there – he’s torn a calf muscle. He was a bit sore on one of his runs to work last week, and ignoring Dr Green’s orders, ran to work again the next day. Anyway after finally agreeing to see a physio, he’s been diagnosed with a low level tear. So no running or riding for 7 – 10 days. Bap bow.

Friday night I didn’t get to yoga but my buddy Clare talked me in to a spin class. I had heaps of energy and really went for it, so felt like I totally earnt the lemon and chicken risotto I made that night for dinner. Nom nom nom. I’m not normally much into chicken risotto as I think it can get too heavy with the meat, but I didn’t use much meat, and cut it up small (watch out masterchef) and the lemon made it really interesting. So I promised myself I’d go to yoga in the morning to stretch out my sore limbs.

Made it to bikram on Saturday which was good, I forgot just how much that class makes you sweat, it’s off the hook. I think I need to get back in to yoga to keep injuries under control, and because I’ve not done ashtanga for so long, bikram will be good for now as I don’t need to remember any sequences. I think ultimately I’d like to go back to ashtanga though, I just really dig the headspace it puts you in.

Saturday night we had an impromptu dinner with our friends and neighbours Steph and Pete. Steph made an awesome chicken, lemon, olive and potato casserole, and we had all this amazing cheese from the Re Store. argghhhh so good. I totally have a soft spot for their daughter Maddie, she’s completely hilarious and always doing something awesome (eg refusing to wear anything but a Wonder Woman costume to kindy – that’s the spirit). So last night I sat in her hair salon while I had ‘special spray’ sprayed in my hair and had it brushed. Cuuuute.

Anyway, while I didn’t feel it at the time, bikram got me. Sunday morning I woke up and every little bit of me was sore. Like, even the front of my shoulders, my back, my legs, everywhere. So I didn’t go for a long run as planned, which I’m really bummed about, but I knew I’d be doing myself in if I did, and the idea of going through 15kms of agony just didn’t seem smart. So Muz and I hit the pool (he’s allowed to swim) for the first time in months. It was really good to be back in the water even though I only did 1km and a slow kilometre at that. So I’m rescheduling this week’s training and hoping I’ll be less sore tomorrow so I can do today’s long run tomorrow morning.

We have a fortnightly weigh-in on Tuesday morning to see if we’re on schedule to lose our holiday bulge. I suspect we won’t have – aside from not eating three course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and not drinking a bottle of wine each night, we’ve not really made much effort. I suspect the weight gain will have stopped, but the loss may not have kicked in. If we are on track, Muz should punch out  81.2kg and I should be at 63.1kg.

To be continued…


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