Dog walking really is a full time job.

Weigh in. August 11, 2009

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Today was a fortnight from our first weigh-in post holiday. We said we’d lose the weight we put on in the same amount of time, which means by today we should each be down by roughly a kilo. So I should’ve been 63.1kg and Muz should’ve been 81.2kg. Good news – I came in at 62.8kg. Bad news – Muz is 82.9kg. However he’s been laid low with the bung leg and not been able to train. He loses weight easily though so as soon as he’s exercising again he’ll be right as rain. He’s not happy about it though.

Meanwhile I’ve been told to take it easy with a sore muscle, so for the next 4-5 days I can’t do intervals or hills, it’s all about slow, flat and easy with lots of stops for stretches. God knows how we’re going to run this thing at the rate we’re going. So I missed out on intervals with Lisa tonight and my plan for hills tomorrow will have to be amended.

Good news though – today Marshy reported that Jordan will be running in the New York marathon too. So hopefully that means I won’t be last now.



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