Dog walking really is a full time job.

He’s just a lovely little dog. August 19, 2009

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As I type this, Pedro has taken himself off to his bed (his actual dog bed, as opposed to the rug in the guest room, or the couch). It often strikes me what a lovely little guy he is, and right now is one of those moments. He’s just so cute. Anyway, he’s curled up like a cat (a big one) in his bed. He’s also very lucky because his good friend Wellington left him a new toy…it’s like roadkill, and it’s a squirrel – hilarious.

However the point of this is a belated update, not to gush about the pup. Good news for the Muz fans – the physio is happy with the leg’s progress and after two weeks off, he was allowed out for a run tonight. We did a slow 20 mins around the dog park with Ped, waving to Pete over the back fence as we went. Then it’s a day off, another 20 min run, a day off, 30 min run etc. Up to two 40 min runs. He should be okay to do City to Surf but only as a training run (rather than a time trial) and the 12km rather than the half. So that’s totally good news as we thought he was out of the running (boom boom!) altogether.

In the last week I’ve been taking it easy on my sore/tight leg as per physio advice. I’ve done a few slow, flat runs, staying away from hills and intervals. Last week I did a couple of 5kms with Ped, a 10km (Galloway) with Clare on Saturday followed by a 16km (Galloway again) on my own on Sunday. I ran super slow, and needed lots of stretching. I enjoyed the 16km though – I went on my own, didn’t have an ipod or anything, and just ran along, lost in my thoughts. My legs got tight super fast though, so I used my Galloway Minute to have a quick stretch each time then resume to a walk. I think it really helped, and even with those stops I still averaged 6min kilometres – which isn’t fast (at all), but not bad considering I was stopping every 9 mins… I also got completely soaked, but I did see a huge pack of water birds, 17 pelicans and a pod of dolphins all hanging out together as I was plodding along the river, which really made it worthwhile and special. I was freezing though by the time I got home – Muz ran me a radox bath which I gratefully dived into, and then I sipped on my coffee for a spot of revival. I’ve been to bikram yoga three times since the last post too – while it’s not my preferred yoga it’s great because it’s a good stretch and it’s low stress and low commitment which is perfect for now. And even though I have to content with this horrific pink, bloated looking thing in the mirror, my contacts tend to get blurry with sweat so I can pretend the Christmas ham staring back at me in the mirror isn’t actually me.

Tomorrow is a run with my lovely friend Lisa, and I think we’re doing hills, so a good stretch on Friday will be required – either 6am yoga or a stretch after another run. Then I have to work out the weekend – perhaps a Saturday run and yoga then a Sunday long run. It’s my last long run before the City to Surf half.

Also Friday night I’ve roped poor Muz into a nutrition seminar – I’m just feeling really unmotivated to shed the extra weight yet at the same time am sick of it hanging around. So will be interesting to see what happens there. I’m hoping to be invigorated to make some serious change (if only I didn’t really, really like drinking wine).

big hugs, gang



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