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Hills, veggies and chats. August 24, 2009

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Last week I did a great hills session with Lisa. It was that foul Thursday night, raining, dark and cold. We thought we were tough for getting out at all, so we thought we’d do a 2km warm up with 2 reps of the 1.6km hill. Then I got to Lisa’s house and her husband and super triathlete Sean told us we should do a 1km warm up and 3 reps of the hill as planned. Dammit! So of course we had to do it. The hill was long and I have to say I found it harder than I expected to. Lisa zipped off and I lagged behind (which I totally expected), freaking myself out about why I had thought running a marathon was a good idea, when I was so clearly so damn unfit. “God, I hope the NY course is sort of flat” thoughts along with “I really should have done more training by now.”
On the second rep I felt better and was beating myself up less, thinking more along the lines of “well, this marathon thing should be okay…I guess.” The third rep felt good too, and I enjoyed thinking about how amazing it was that I hadn’t killed any snails (there were loads out enjoying the rain), and how hilarious big fluffy cats are (we saw one and I said “hi mate, don’t get your coat too wet” and Lisa said “Oh he’d be so heavy if he got all wet” which I found really funny for some reason). We did crunch a few snails on the way down…sorry guys.

Anyway it was a hard session but I was smiling on the way home, feeling really proud of us for doing it. Lis and I did a long run on Sunday morning too – straight into a lot of headwind. It was a really blowy morning down at Cott so we had to run a bit slower than planned, but we had a nice chat for the just-under-14km run. Then a lovely smoothie at Beaches, and home to Muz and the pup.

I’ve been doing bikram yoga 2-3 times a week which has been so valuable with keeping the legs fresh. I’d like to get there more (and do more runs obviously) but work and life have been hectic, so I’ve been working late and on weekends (boo). But snaps for the yoga.

Friday night Muz and I went to a nutrition seminar (rowdy!), which was really interesting. A very good message at the core, although I got a bit sick of the presentation style. She does a lot of talking to school kids, so there were too many crazy voices, jokes about poo and that sort of thing. Just tell us the info, lady. But we have decided to take away a few key points:

We need to drink more water (2.5-3L, more with exercise, coffee and booze)

We don’t get enough fruit and veg – we need about 5-9 cups a day. As much raw as you can get.

While it’s all stuff we know, we need to put it into practice. We also need to get a bit smarter with what you eat and when, so hopefully making a few healthy tweaks will give us more energy.


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