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New addition to the family. August 24, 2009

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When we were in Scotland, we went past a horn carver’s shop. It was filled with treasures – all made from found antlers from the nearby hills. Bottle openers, cheese knives, letter openers and so much more. And probably unsurprisingly, I found something to buy.horn carver

In fact, I found two things: a carving set and a candelabra. I thought the candelabra was more hilarious (natch), but also liked the idea of carving a roast with an antler set. Anyway, Muz and I debated and he said to get the one I liked more, even though it would be a hassle to get home. Quote: “It’ll be a pain for 20 hours, then it’ll be worth it.” Me: (clapping) “Yay! You’d pay a fortune for something like this at home…”

Then we went to Bute, and spent some time with our friends Iain and Sarah (see earlier post). bute - sarah, muz, iain

On our last night after much mirth about my purchase, Iain pointed out that perhaps airport security would consider an antler (even with candle holders) as a weapon, and I wouldn’t be allowed to carry it on board the plane. Hmm. It wouldn’t fit in a suitcase, and Murray thought if it was checked in to the hold it would be damaged. So Iain and Sarah very kindly offered to post it home to us.

So then began the saga of Archie the Antler and his quest to emigrate to the golden shores of Western Australia. Iain took Archie to work (his London law firm) and asked the secretary to look in to it. The mail department spent days looking for a box big enough (Archie’s not that long but he’s sort of high and deep). Then the courier refused to take it, on the basis it was an animal product (Iain very sagely  pointed out that what would they say if it was just a nice pair of leather strides?). THEN, Iain found out that we needed an invoice stating what sort of deer it came from (some are endangered, red deer aren’t, AND the bloody antlers drop off anyway so it’s not like they die), so he contacted the horn carver. Then he did some research on red deer, for a letter to send with Archie, so Aussie customs could read it (we all know how keen Oz customs are on animal bits). After weeks of effort (Archie became the cause de celebre in the mail room apparently ), Archie left. Then he went to Sydney.

Murray received a note from customs saying that his mad wife’s antlers had arrived, but they wanted to check them, and would we be okay to pay a couple of hundred to have that done? Of course, no probs. This is why my “this would be so expensive at home” comment now seems ruefully ignorant.

Anyway, Archie’s now arrived in WA. So I excitedly unpacked him yesterday.

His box: box

Under wraps, Ped isn’t quite so sure: under wraps

Peeking out: nearly out

Ped not sure about my taste in homewares: ped sniffs

Ta-da! archie

I love it to bits. I know it’s not everyone’s (most people’s) taste, but I think it’s awesome. And hilarious. All that effort (none of it mine, mind you) is totally worth it (thanks team, thanks Shermans mail room), although I do feel rotten about the saga. But as I kept saying to Murray, “you’ll be able to dine out on this story for the rest of our lives, so really we’ve both gotten something out of this. Ahem.

thanks Iain and Sarah…I’d say we owe you, but then you might want to buy some kangaroo rug and make me send it to you..



One Response to “New addition to the family.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    Are you mad? Who wouldn’t like an antler candelabra??? Don’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t like it… x

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