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Milestone reached. September 1, 2009

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Hey teamsters,

So it was a big weekend. The City to Surf half marathon came and went, and it was a great day. I did 2 min better than my Busso half time, which I was stoked about as I expected to go significantly slower with a hilly course. I loved the course – it’s scenic and such an awesome atmosphere. My buddy Sonja ran it too and we both think there weren’t enough drink stations, and the lack of kilometre markers was a bit of a downer. But overall it was great. Muz and I had a really nice massage from Lisa’s friend Vive that afternoon, which definitely helped. That night we celebrated our success at Stanley’s with Ruiz, Clare, John, Lisa, Sean and of course Muz. It was so great to relax with some riesling and a burger from Flipside next door.

Muz followed instructions from the physio and ran slow and easy, and did the 12km really well. He maintained a good pace and felt totally comfortable. So it’s a good sign for recovery.

In the previous week I’d had an awesome run with Lisa and Clare – a nice easy 8kms at Scarbs, and I felt the best I’ve felt, ever on a run. Just light, easy, effortless, it was so great. I’ve tried to keep up the bikram and I really think it’s helping so much. Both with keeping my legs injury free but also with lung capacity. The day after City to Surf I did an evening session which was hard given my legs were so tight, but really worth it.

So tonight I did a nice run with Lisa and her buddy Mark. We were supposed to do a killer interval session as designed by Sean (2 by 1600m, 2 by 1200m, 1 by 400m), but it was raining and the track was slippery. With sore and tired legs we decided to be kind to ourselves and do an easy lap at Perry Lakes – just over 5km, just under 30min. I’m really feeling it now, even after I jumped in the bath for a soak when I got home.

On lighter matters, Ped’s taken to sleeping on the couch. The bad thing is, he looks totally cute when he does it, but it’s really naughty. I’d say it’s my fault for letting him up with me while Muz was away, but then I’d be in trouble. We’ve told him off a few times so hopefully he gets the message. He’s sleeping in his bed right now. Cute.

Thurs night we’re off to Sydney for a birthday of Muz’s friend Ben’s girlfriend Tash. So the plan is to do yoga tomorrow night, run Thurs morning, run 13km Fri, 14km Sat and yoga, Sunday morning off, Monday easy run. The following week the long run is a whopping 26kms. But seeing as we’ve only got 8 weeks to go, it’s about time we got a wriggle on.

Also we went to a really interesting nutrition talk a week or so ago – so we’ve been trying to eat lots more fruit and veg, drink more water and eat smaller dinners. So far I feel good for doing it, so we’re going to try and keep it up.


em x

ps isn’t 30 too old for pimples?? come ON, face…


2 Responses to “Milestone reached.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    Snaps for you honey!! That’s so great!!! Ummm, yeah, and sorry about throwing off your training this weekend with a series of really late boozy nights eating not quite nutritious food. Ahem. xx

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Update your blog Red Panda!! I want to hear details of the 26km, a riveting tale of you and Muz neck and neck til the bitter end!! Aaaaand how fast you ran last night… you are going SOOO well. xoxox

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