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One foot after the other. September 16, 2009

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Hi everyone,

Sorry there’s not been much action on Wheaterville lately. Since our weekend in Sydney where not much running was achieved, and even less healthy things were done, we’ve had a pretty good week of training. Last Sunday was our longest run yet – 26km. We decided to employ our good friend Galloway, and ran 9 min, walked 1 min for the duration of the run. It was still hard, and I very much felt the extra 5kms difference from the half marathon distance.

Anyway Sunday was a lovely morning. We started at Beaches, ran to Port then across the Freo bridge, turned around, went back to Cott (stopped for drink top ups), along West Coast Highway to Challenger Parade, along the parade a bit and then headed back to Cott. Just over 2 1/2 hours all up. Certainly not fast by any standards, but good to get the legs over that distance.

We then lobbed at Steph and Pete’s for a very late brunch (ie it was lunch by the time we got there). It was so great – Steph made a fruit salad, Pete filled us with coffee, and then Steph brought out the big guns – scrambled egg and bacon in a fresh French stick roll, with coriander cherry tomatoes on top. Nom nom NOM.

By evening we were falling asleep on our feet (muz went to the soccer while I did stuff at home, then we had my cousin’s daughter’s birthday party), so we got fish and chips for dinner. It was brilliant. We really needed the salt and carbs and it totally hit the spot. We rolled into bed totally exhausted.

Monday we had a rest day after our big effort, but thankfully didn’t feel nearly as sore as we expected. Tuesday night I was very much looking forward to – intervals with my pal Lisa. I’d been thwarted by rain and work the last few weeks but nothing was stopping us this week. Lisa’s hubby Sean had set out a session for us, and I was stoked that Kimmy was also going to be there (the girls need some support with all those fast boys!). As per usual Sean lapped me four times, and that was WITH a toilet stop! Too funny. He runs past like an effortless gazelle. I run more like a wombat (red panda). We did warm up followed by 1600m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 400m. We had our goal times and I’m really pleased to say I went under for my 1600, right on the money for the others, and went under again for the 400m (1:38 instead of 1:47!).

I always find intervals horrific though – and my lunch of chickpea salad was very much jiggling around and making itself known to me. Ugggh. Plus I spent most of the time feeling like I want to throw up, and my brain keeps telling me it “really doesn’t like this, could we please go home now, stop it, you’re really not a natural at this, okay I asked nicely now STOP or else I’ll trip you in front of everyone”. So I have to battle that a bit. I know it’s so important though so I really want to get more in. Also a highlight of the session – I bought a top like Lis’s new lululemon top, and we both turned up in them, with our grey running shorts, so we totally looked like we had workshopped our outfits. Oh also I totally got the giggles on one lap which makes it really hard to run – Lisa and I spent some time in the afternoon losing it over my imitation of a greyhound who had just run a race (long story, but it was funny). And while I was running I started thinking about it and really had to concentrate not to totally lose it again. pee hee hee.


After running I headed to Julian and Kate’s to meet Muz and have a beautiful massaman curry that Kate cooked. I spent too much time bemoaning that training for a marathon hadn’t made me skinny (as I shoved more food into my gob…). It was so good though – s’if I could stop when I was full.

Woke up Weds with the plan to run Ped around the lake, but a really sore right glute literally stopped me in my tracks down at the dog park. I felt it tweak last night but hoped I’d stretched it out. Alas no, so I limped home and still have a really sore bum. Muz took the pup around the lake though, so at least the boys got a run. I think I might need to take a couple of days R&R…

Also Lisa convinced us to run the Freo half this weekend, so now I’m hoping this sore glute isn’t going to be much of a problem. Just when I felt like I was in the swing of things!! Man, I’m not exactly an elite athlete, you’d think the world could give me a break just when I feel like I’m getting on a roll…

Anyway, dinner tonight is Marsha’s salmon noodle soup. Just waiting for the husband to get home, hurry upppp.

Hugs to you all gang.



One Response to “One foot after the other.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    hehehehe pant pant pant, air punch air punch… funny memories. Get well soon right glute!! xoxo

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