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Pain in the bum. September 21, 2009

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Hey team,

As mentioned in the last post, my right glute decided it would take centre stage for the week. After pulling up too sore to run on Wednesday, it didn’t get better quickly. I didn’t run the Freo half on Sunday which I was really bummed about (boom boom!), but quite a few friends did it, and all did really well. Lisa PB’ed at 1:50 which is such a killer effort, her mate Kim ran an incredible 1:43 and a bit, and Muz did a fantastic 1:53. Also good news is that Lisa’s hubby Sean won the Goldcoast Anaconda on the weekend!! Amaaazing. I haven’t got the times from Lis yet, but I do know he came out of the swim first, so perhaps he dominated the whole way! Wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

So the last week was devoid of exercise as I hoped the glute would heal itself. Muz and I hit up bikram yesterday arvo and I’m going again with Nathan tonight, with a run planned for the morning (if the weather decides to become less foul).

Weekend highlight was getting Ped a giant tennis ball. He kicks and noses it around the park like he’s playing soccer. It’s totally hilarious and really cute. Because I was flat at having a week out of training (with only 5 training weeks and one taper week to go!), I drowned my sorrows on the weekend. Literally. We had wines with our lovely neighbours Marcus and Amanda, and then went to Ash and Ron’s new Anzac pad (it’s the street to be on) for housewarming drinks. Bea and Andrew (they put the NZ in Anzac) were there too which was great. I, in true style, knocked a glass out of my own hand and smashed it all over the floor, not before cutting my finger in the process. Classy. I suppose I deserve this hangover-type feeling I’ve got.

Muz and I have decided, yet again, that perhaps we need to really try and be better with the whole food and booze thing, especially with so little training time yet. So when we have a concrete plan that we have to stick to, I’ll post it so you all hold me to it (this is going to be fun).

Onwards and upwards team.

x em


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