Dog walking really is a full time job.

OMG. September 26, 2009

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Hi gang,

I’m feeling really sorry for myself today. For no real reason other than I had to work through the grand final (Ped was happy because mum was home to give him pats while dad drank beer and ate pies with his mates), and now I’m contemplating a 29km run tomorrow morning. I’ve just spent some time on good ol’ mapmyrun, so that was fun. I’ve got our route planned now. We’ll be starting from Cott, running down to Freo (the end of Marine Parade in South Freo), turning around and retracing our steps, then continuing on past the start point out into Swanbourne, then back on ourselves again. Eek. Anyway, it’ll be interesting if nothing else, and I’m sure getting our nutrition right will be a big part of how painful it is.

I haven’t done much running since my sore bum – we did a 6km run with Ped at the river during the week and I felt fine for most of it, but started to feel a bit sore towards the end. So I’m really hoping that all the magnesium I’ve been downing will help out tomorrow. I’d hate to get sore and stuff up the long run. I’m actually looking forward to it in a perverse sort of way.

Tomorrow is also Mhairi and Spencer’s wedding! So we’ll have a nap after the run to make sure we’re not falling asleep at the tables. Exciting!

Will update after the long run tomorrow..



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