Dog walking really is a full time job.

27 days to go. October 5, 2009

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Including today. eeeep.

The weekend was pretty good in terms of exercise – we did a yoga class Saturday morning (which after a night in Northbridge with the gang trying to work out for FHM which bars and pubs were good for picking up chicks in, wasn’t easy), and then a 22km run on Sunday morning. I felt pretty tired around the 1hr 50 mark (which isn’t a great sign), so the last bit of the run was pretty hard. I had to talk myself through it, and just slowed right down and tried to find a comfortable place. Which wasn’t forthcoming. We did start late and so it was pretty hot by that stage. However we then had a really awesome lunch with some friends (roast pork and veg, cheese, and rhubarb creme brulee nom nom nom), came home and did a bit of work and then made soup and collapsed into bed.

Ped and I went around the dog park and the lake this morning, and my legs were certainly feeling yesterday’s punishment. But I’m really happy we went (he is now sleeping on the rug as I type).

As some of you might know, I’ve decided that until the race I’m only drinking once a week. So far so good, however having said that, I did decide that I wasn’t starting til this weekend, so I drank on Sunday as planned. Go me! Two days down and 27 to go. I really want to get down to 60kg by the marathon, which means I need to move a few kilos. I was told last week that long distance endurance training doesn’t really burn calories long term, as the body starts to realise that its fat stores are continually getting hammered, so it starts to store fat. Great. If I can’t lose weight training for a marathon, what on earth am I supposed to do? So shorter, more intense sessions are required to really budge weight.

I’ve also been taking vitamins as prescribed by my naturopath, which now means I’m on to a whopping 14 tablets a day (2 zinc, 2 fish oil, 1 multi, 4 ginseng, 1 bioQ100, plus 2 juice+ morning and arvo), plus a glass of muscleze. Christ. If you hear rattling, that’ll be me.

Intervals tomorrow with my buddy Lisa, who is on countdown to the Worlds, so that’ll be good. I haaaate intervals but I know they’re really good for me. Hopefully yoga tonight too if I can get my work done (so I better sign off).



One Response to “27 days to go.”

  1. andrew Says:

    hey em,

    did you get to ezra pound and 399? told muzz they were the pick of the bunch in northbridge at the moment.



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