Dog walking really is a full time job.

These are a few of my favourite things… October 5, 2009

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Again, not a running-related post, but just a quick update on the things that are totally worth being happy about.

1. fit to bite The Navy has a sense of humour. Even if they didn’t mean to have one.

Claire and I had Walk to Work Day last Friday – we did our walk with HMAS Stirling down at Garden Island, which was so much fun, and totally interesting to get on to Garden Island and hang with the sailors. We noticed the navy dental van, which had this awesome logo and slogan – “Fit to bite, fit to fight.” Tooo funny.

2. Those big orchids are in season. And brass deer are great too.

orchids and deerI can never remember the correct name for these orchids, but they are so beautiful and are only in season for a short time each year. And they always remind me of my friend Claire, who also gave us this beautiful vase as an engagement present.

I bought the brass deer a while ago from someone in the US – I just find them funny and awesome at the same time.

3. Spring has sprung.

spring growthThis is the tree hanging over our deck in the backyard. I was working out there til my lappy battery died. I also took Ped around Lake Monger this morning and there are so many baby birds around – ducklings, cygnets and whatever other water birds live there. One of them chased me and pecked my legs (she was protecting her babies, but still). I didn’t even see her until I heard flapping and she had a go at me.

4. Yummy water.

water bottleAnother Claire-related post – she’s gotten me into drinking her lovely filtered water so I decided we needed a filter too. It’s the best, and I’m totally excited about it. Ahem – we’re covering the big issues here today.

5. One for Ped.

ped n helixThis is Ped and his favourite toy. It’s like a rubbery, stretchy, helix-shaped toy. He hearts it bad.

6. Wedding painting and, of course, Archie the antler.

painting n antlerThis the wedding painting that so many of our friends contributed to. We’re going to put a list on the back so we can remember everyone (and so when we’re long gone, whoever has the painting knows a little bit of the history of it). I just love it – I find it so hopeful and happy and calming. Of course it’s much nicer in real life. And then there’s Archie the antler candelabra (see the earlier post to find out about Archie’s quest to emigrate to Oz). He’s a bit hard to see here, but he’s still fabulous.

Hope you’re all having a gorgeous day.



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