Dog walking really is a full time job.

Sign of the times. October 25, 2009

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In just one day, I saw the following things:

1. Running Ped along the river foreshore. We always run past Nedlands Yacht Club, and always take the path near the road. For the first time ever, for no real reason, we ran straight along the front of the club instead. As I was thinking of my friend Lisa saying “to smile lots” at the marathon, I looked up and saw that the Nedlands Yacht Club writing on the building was, in big red painted letters, NYC. So I smiled.

2. Waxing. Not really the sort of place you’d expect to see anything much, but as I was lying back talking to Connie, I noticed the little collection of framed pictures she has on the wall. I look at them every time, but today one of them leapt out at me – a little framed graphic of “New York” written out.

3. Waiting for the physio. I grabbed a copy of Men’s Style and started flicking through it. Lo and behold…a story on New York.

4. Driving on the freeway. I glanced across at a black Range Rover Sport in front of me on the freeway…it’s number plate was a custom plate. NY 09 WA.

All that in just one day…now I’m really excited.



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