Dog walking really is a full time job.

Start spreading the news… October 25, 2009

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We’re leaving tomorrow!

In true Wheater style, we’ll be making a mad dash for the airport. I’ve got a stack of work to finish off on Monday, Muz is in the office all day (ie til night), I’ve got to go get a cortisone injection in my ITB (eek I’m scared about that) and we’ve not packed. But would we do it any other way? Of course not. So I’m in a mild panic about getting everything done, but I would be someone else if I had all my work done and wasn’t worried about getting it done.

Our friends The O’Neills raced in the ITU long distance triathlon world championships today. It was a tough day – choppy water, strong winds on the bike and by the run the wind had died and it was hot, hot, hot. My gal Lisa did great – she’s reported back saying it was the toughest race she’s ever done. Well done honey, we’re so proud of you. Here’s Lisa on the run…in her green and gold!
lisa worlds

Okay team, Muz and I are off for a dinner at The Cabin. I’ve not drunk anything since last Sunday! Go me. The aim is to not drink anything til the race. I think tonight is going to be my toughest challenge so far…

Lots of love to you all.

mrs dub xx


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