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Be alert. October 26, 2009

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Hi gang,

We’re waiting for our flight to LA/NY, so I’m killing some time in the business lounge. If you want to sign up for the athlete alert, the link is:


So far the travels go pretty well – other than running on two hours sleep (thanks red eye to sydney!) we’re good. Got a 13 hour flight to LA, then a two hour wait, then a five hour flight to New York, arriving local time around 5pm Tuesday night (5am Weds Perth time).

Okey dokes I’m off to inspect the pikelets at the breakfast bar (carb loading…).

lots of love



3 Responses to “Be alert.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    OMG – there’s another Emma Green, from Exeter in the UK, going the mara!
    Have signed up to track both of you… totally excited. Hope the flight was good. xx

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Hey Em and Muz! Thanks so much for the cheering, Muz you were crazy loud it was so cool! So were you Em, Muz just had the advantage of man voice over cute lady voice hehe. Thinking about you guys, gosh soak it all up the travel, the best city ever and the carb loading! So much fun.
    Em, glad your cortisone was ok, I was thinking about you yesterday and wanted to ask but i knew you’d be frantic packing and giving Pedro extra hugs! You’re going to be fantastic, you’ve had way too many good signs the past couple of weeks (starting off with “Dream Run”!!) to have anything but a blinder!
    I’m signing up for your athlete tracker thing now – i hope 4 people didn’t already beat me to it! I’ll hunt them down! Muhahaha
    PS Couldn’t help it after reading Twilight… i’ve started Eclipse! Yet another convo to be had when you get back, i’ll try not to maul you haha. Miss you already Tuesdays ain’t got nothin’ without you in them! xoxoxo

  3. Caro Says:

    Signed up for alerts! Can’t wait to share your adventure. A big shout of support from Rémy (your little marathon mascot!). XX

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