Dog walking really is a full time job.

Peace, love and all that stuff. October 26, 2009

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Hey team!


We’re off to the Big Apple tonight…here’s a lovely waterlily from our pond to keep you all zen.

There is this great service offered by the New York marathon peeps – where you can enter our bib numbers and track us. So if we stop passing check points you’ll know something has either happened, or I’ve gone shopping instead.

Go to ingnycmarathon.org and look for the below… Athlete Alert to Open on October 26 at Noon EST
This service, sponsored by Time Warner, allows anyone to subscribe to track their favorite runner via e-mail.

So it’s not open at time of my writing, but it will be soon. My registration is under Emma Green, bib number 49366, departing 10:20am. Murray’s is 42884.

Also – very auspicious, while on the phone to Caro today her little boy Remy took his first steps!! He walked the length of the room, which is just incredible. So we totally think that because his marathon journey went well, so will ours.

I had the cortisone injection this morning which was fine – under a tendon, under a bone and there you go. Ewww.

I’ve been told by Boris the nutritionist to only do minor carb loading 1-2 days before the race, and to add salt to my diet 1-2 days before (that equals a green light for hot chips for me – okay I might be joking. Pretzels?).

So this is the last Australian post before the big run in the Big Apple. Thanks for all your reading, words of support and loads of love team. This race is yours too.

lots of love and talk to you from the States!



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