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The big apple. October 30, 2009

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Hey team!

We’re here  – after around 30 hours of travel and three time zone changes, but we’re here. And New York is fabulous.It’s so exciting to be here, and the city has such a buzz about it. This is our third day – our first day was spent wandering 5th ave not far from our hotel (we’re on Lexington near 37th which is Mid Town – Empire State is on 34th and Chrysler is just up the road in the other direction). Of course we shopped on 5th – the weather was wet so it was the only thing to do (ahem). Muz of course shopped me under the table again (he bought more in H&M and Zara than I did and then went and got a Zegna suit in Saks). The shops here are fantastic though, and we’ve not even scratched the surface.

Yesterday we got the bus to the marathon expo which was actually great fun. Registration was pretty full on with people everywhere, and we signed up for our bus to take us to the start line. It leaves at 5:30am on Sunday (that’s 5:30pm Sunday night Perth time – we’re exactly 12 hours behind Perth). We don’t run til 10:20am. UGHHH. It’s pretty cold and likely to rain, so standing around for four hours doesn’t exactly fill me with sunshine. But we’ll be okay.

So at the expo I went totally nuts on merch – I think I’ve got a couple of running tops (Asics did all this co-branded gear which is actually great – all good material and cuts), some running shorts, a cap and a rain jacket. Muz did the same, and we got some new sneakers (they were much cheaper than at home). Fun! I was hoping they’d have Garmins on some sort of special deal but they didn’t – the cost is a bit cheaper than at home but by the time you convert and add credit card charges it’s probably pretty similar.

Also – this is hilarious – the area of Mid Town we’re staying in is called Murray Hill. So there’s the Murray Hill hotel, the Murray Hill diner, the Murray Hill market etc etc. Muz is loving it. It’s his town.

There are loads of diners around here (I actually can’t believe how much food there is – there’s a place to eat every second shop), yesterday we went to the Murray Hill diner (of course) for breakfast. It was the total experience. We had the number 4 (pancakes) which came with bottomless filter coffee with milk in disposable containers, maple syrup and juice. The pancakes came out in this huge stack (Muz got extra bacon), but they were fantastic. I don’t want to know how they got them so light and fluffy. But today we’re going to be a bit healthier, and get some yoghurt and fruit from the market nearby and visit Starbucks on 3rd (you’ve got to).

It was great to see all the runners at the expo though – it really is all shapes and sizes doing it. Some people you look at and go “yep they’re a runner” (ie stick thin) and other people (me) you go “um they look just like everyone else”. So really it goes to show that if you train anyone can do this…

We went to a party last night – our friend Kevin has a sister who lives here (she’s hilarious), and one of her NY friends was saying that she’d done the run twice and said it was ‘gruelling’. Uh oh. But you know, it’ll be whatever it’s gonna be. On our flight into LA the Qantas pilot wished everyone luck who was running the marathon – it was so cool and so Australian. I think it’s going to be amazing.

Okay we’re off to do a little run then get some food. We’ve got massages today and will go check out Central Park (where the races finishes) at some stage. This is such a great city.


lots of love

em xx


2 Responses to “The big apple.”

  1. Caro Says:

    Just saw your results on Athlete Alert. Wow!!!!!! I am so proud. You did it guys. You beat Big Kev by 5 secs too. Hope you did a good 10ks for me. Love you.

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Wow sounds like so much fun over there in NYC. You lucky Wheaters! Aaaand i just saw your results, congratulations i hope you’re stoked, they’re such good times! So consistent, didn’t look like you slowed up hardly at all. Can’t wait for your race report! Now you can totally soak up the delights of New York knowing you are marathon finishers!! Well done you guys!! Race report race report xoxoxo

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