Dog walking really is a full time job.

Things to look forward to. November 12, 2009

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Hi there team,

With the marathon over, I’m still going to post on Wheaterville (you lucky, lucky things). I’m guessing it will be lots of pics of what I’ve eaten, pics of the dog, and general musings and updates. So, pretty fascinating.

Quick update – the ITB’s still sore so hanging out to go see the physio and get it sorted (I hope). The plan is to keep some distance in my legs (not too far though!), and to get back on the bike, back in the pool, and do some yoga. I’m looking forward to mixing things up again.

New York was the most amazing holiday and the marathon was an incredible experience. Our stay in the Meat Packing district was fab, and we ate so well and really enjoyed ourselves. I just didn’t want to leave NYC.

This weekend we’re off to see Ladyhawke on Saturday night which I’m super excited about, and I’m getting pumped for Christmas. I feel some baking and decorating coming on…

hope you’re all great and speak soon,

xx em




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