Dog walking really is a full time job.

‘Tis the season. November 30, 2009

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It’s peony season, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is reason to celebrate. I love these flowers so much, and they’re only around for a few weeks each year. I bought these for Marsha’s room while she was over for the weekend – in a day they’d opened up to this size. Clearly the brass deer dig them too.

In other breaking news, Ped is harrassing me to take him for a walk (fair enough too). I’ve planted some herbs (new parsley, Thai mint, Thai basil, chillis) and some tomatoes. So I’m pretty excited about that.

We had a really fun weekend with Marshy, and got to see lots of Drew and Liam too, which is of course totally ace. We ate at il lido (fettucine with pork ragu and meatballs), west end deli (poached fruit with granola) and ecco (pizza bianco, sardines on toast). Nom nom nom. We also had a good session of paws ‘n’ claws (blue claws, pink paws) with our favourite Vietnamese family. It’s where we all went for our wedding nails so that was nice to reminisce about that too.

Okay so this is pretty boring, but I just wanted to share the peonies. I’m off for a little run with Ped (only allowed to do 4kms as per JP’s instruction).

Oh – this is actually pretty cool – I interviewed Steve Hooker last week for the Feb edition of FHM, so keep an eye out for that one…he was great too, we’re totally BFF now. Right, Steve? Steve? Oh and in the summer ed of Scoop you can read the story I wrote on the marathon too (although you’ve already had the longer, funnier version here over the last few months).




One Response to “‘Tis the season.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    The minute detail of what we did over the weekend so isn’t boring… It’s totally fascinating. Thanks for a great weekend honey, and I loved the Peonies. xx

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