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Ho ho ho. December 7, 2009

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Hi team,

Well, Christmas has hit Anzac. It took me ages to put the tree up (ahem), although Ped helped a lot.

I figure doing it this way means everyone who walks past the house can enjoy the Christmas cheer too (even though it’s not quite an illuminated Santa with reindeer on the roof). And it’s a fairly lazy way of getting up some decorations.

Also turns out a fair few spiders live in that yukka (or whatever the spiky thing is).

We had a nice weekend this weekend. Saturday I spent the day at Bea’s helping with her tshirt exhibition which was fun, and Saturday night we went to Duende to celebrate our third anniversary (date, not wedding obviously). Sunday was the actual day and Muz gave me a gorgeous card, and we went to the pool for a swim, followed by nice sandwiches for lunch, and a concert out at Sandalford with Christine, Rachael and her sister Jess. Mental as Anything were playing (no-one paid much attention), then The Proclaimers (they haven’t aged, and there were a lot of big men in kilts in the crowd), and then the B52s. I was super excited to see them except they didn’t actually play heaps of songs I knew and the sound was pretty bad. And I don’t actually think they were that into it. The crowd was mostly old bogans, but we ate lots of cheese and it was fun so that’s the main thing. Although next time we could probably just organise a picnic instead. Ps I think cheese makes me bloated and gives me stomach pain. And I totally had cheese dreams too. Maybe it’s the quantity we ate it in…

I’m off to Sydney on Thursday arvo to hopefully find us a house to live in. Muz will go to Radelaide first and then meet me there on Friday morning. Marshy’s off to Vancouver and the States in two days – how totally exciting for them.



One Response to “Ho ho ho.”

  1. Rach Says:

    Tcch, everyone knows cheese consumption for adults is one kilogram, then 500 grams every 6 hours as needed.

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