Dog walking really is a full time job.

The big stories are right here. January 28, 2010

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Hi gang,

I suspect this new look format does automatic capitalisation of the titles of these posts…I’m testing it this time.

Anyway, today’s been good. Muz and I got up early and went to spin at George St Platinum (there are two fitness firsts within throwing distance of our apartment). It’s funny the things that really blow you away in a different town – this gym had three levels, three! And a pool! And a huuuge spin room (about three times the size of Subi), and a special cardio room (ie it’s a bunch of treadmills and bikes in the dark with big screens), and other studios and so on. Good fun.

Then back to our pad, muesli and fruit for breakfast, then Muz off to work and me down to, er, napping. Then I got up and did some work, and pretty much spent the day alternating between writing and watching the tennis. I’m really enjoying the tennis this year (mainly because I’ve been able to watch so much of it, and now there is the comedy factoring with Henri Leconte doing hilarious French commentary). Other highlights include a new baby giraffe at some south coast zoo (cute!) and Sydney firefighters getting a pet rabbit out of a drain. Big day, peeps.

Tonight we go over to the new house to work out where our furniture will go in anticipation of the furniture arriving tomorrow. Ped also arrives around 11:30am so we are SUPER pumped for that. Little black dog! We can’t wait to see him again. I’ll probably be without internet for a few days after tonight, so will post on the house once the internet is connected.

I think Muz is settling in to work, these things take time and it’s hard going from the bar at Cheers (where everyone knows your name) to being the new guy who no-one knows, isn’t sure if they want to like him, is worried what he’s going to do, and so on. I’m sure once he shows them his gold tooth and mentions fencing and Sale of the Century they’ll warm up to him. It’s Muz after all, he’s impossible not to like.

lots of love to everyone and thinking of you all.



Ps. January 27, 2010

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Check out Marsha’s blog Rainford Days (click through on the right) for a pic of us outside the new house. We haven’t been in yet, but we’ve stood on the verandah.



Barbecue shapes are alright with me.

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They’re probably not alright with my heart, liver, body fat, kidneys etc but they’re really hitting the spot right now. And when you’re reduced to desperate measures by a husband who says he’ll be back soon for dinner (it’s about 8pm now), and you get low blood sugar which makes you angry and volatile, and you’re relying on the near-by 7-11 to provide nourishment, your options are limited. It was instant noodles (bad), chips (also bad) or doughnuts (bad too). So barbecue shapes seemed almost nutritious. There are green dots on them anyway.

So the Wheaters are in Sydney! We’re missing Ped terribly, and I’m more than a little concerned at the feedback the kennels have given us: “Pedro is doing fine. He’s still shy with us (???) but getting better each day. He’s found some nice calm (??) playmates who he follows around (??). He’s not pining when he’s in his pen.” So, great, at least he’s not pining, but the “shy”, “calm” and “following” remarks made us wonder if they had the right dog. Ped’s never been known for being retiring (except for when he was a baby and went to puppy school, where he weed on me and spent the first two weeks under my chair).

We’re currently in a serviced apartment, but itching to get our furniture on Friday. Most importantly, Ped also arrives on Friday. If we don’t get the furniture then, we’ll have to smuggle him into our apartment (I’m thinking him in a bonnet, under a blanket in a pram. Should work a treat).

Okay so my laptop battery is about to die and this place requires me to plug in a cable to get internet, and of course it’s nowhere near a power point, so I’ll post this and go charge the lappy up.

Thinking of  you all lots,

xx em


So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good night… January 19, 2010

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Hello gang,

Sorry it’s been so long between drinks on Wheaterville. As you can see, Big Apple Run has moved on in anticipation of our new destination. As I type we have Graham packing our important personal items (squirrel nut cracker, dog toys, leopard print vase etc), and Pedro is continuously dropping a manky old tennis ball at his feet.He seems completely oblivious to what is going on around him.

Today is probably the first day it’s kind of sunk in what’s going on here. I’ve finished up at Scoop (last day yesterday), and this morning I thought of some newbie sitting in my seat and I felt pretty weird about it. I’m sad I won’t get to see my buddies at work any more, even though I’d weened myself off by going part time. It’s just, weird. The TT went on the truck this morning, and Ped goes to the kennels tomorrow morning (that bit I’m dreading). I’m trying to fit in the final catch ups and farewells which I think are just going to get more traumatic as we go along.

However for all my moping, Sydney’s going to be fun. This is the worst bit now, and it’ll just get better. Poor Muz has a busy week at work so he’s got additional stress to deal with, so I should be grateful I’ve only got the house stuff to look after.

So there’s a good chance the next time I post it will be from Sydney – exciting! Our first night will be with Marsh and Jamie (the next day we fly to Melbourne to see some of the tennis). Then back on Australia Day and Muz starts work on the 27th. We should get furniture on the 29th, and that’s when Ped gets delivered to us too. I can’t wait for him to be with us and to have all our things so we can set up. I hate feeling like I don’t have a base, so that will totally lift a lot of stress once the family’s back together in our new pad.

I’ll post pics of the house when we get our things in asap, but for the moment….here’s the front.

front of house

And Steph and Pete’s kids Max and Maddie have given Ped an assortment of new toys…here is one of his favourites:

And finally, here’s Jess’s little girl Alie and I a couple of months ago…awww.

okay peeps, hope you are all great and we’re really going to miss you all a whole heap. Keep in touch and lots of love to you all.