Dog walking really is a full time job.

Barbecue shapes are alright with me. January 27, 2010

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They’re probably not alright with my heart, liver, body fat, kidneys etc but they’re really hitting the spot right now. And when you’re reduced to desperate measures by a husband who says he’ll be back soon for dinner (it’s about 8pm now), and you get low blood sugar which makes you angry and volatile, and you’re relying on the near-by 7-11 to provide nourishment, your options are limited. It was instant noodles (bad), chips (also bad) or doughnuts (bad too). So barbecue shapes seemed almost nutritious. There are green dots on them anyway.

So the Wheaters are in Sydney! We’re missing Ped terribly, and I’m more than a little concerned at the feedback the kennels have given us: “Pedro is doing fine. He’s still shy with us (???) but getting better each day. He’s found some nice calm (??) playmates who he follows around (??). He’s not pining when he’s in his pen.” So, great, at least he’s not pining, but the “shy”, “calm” and “following” remarks made us wonder if they had the right dog. Ped’s never been known for being retiring (except for when he was a baby and went to puppy school, where he weed on me and spent the first two weeks under my chair).

We’re currently in a serviced apartment, but itching to get our furniture on Friday. Most importantly, Ped also arrives on Friday. If we don’t get the furniture then, we’ll have to smuggle him into our apartment (I’m thinking him in a bonnet, under a blanket in a pram. Should work a treat).

Okay so my laptop battery is about to die and this place requires me to plug in a cable to get internet, and of course it’s nowhere near a power point, so I’ll post this and go charge the lappy up.

Thinking of  you all lots,

xx em


One Response to “Barbecue shapes are alright with me.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    LOL at Ped in the pram… i can totally imagine him playing up to it too, as long as he didn’t see a squeaky toy in the lobby – then the game’d be up.
    Of COURSE everyone will like Muz, they are so lucky to have the Wheaters there!!! Writing you an email now so hopefully you have computer access! xoxoxo

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