Dog walking really is a full time job.

Important. February 24, 2010

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So the last few days have been really hectic with filing some stories, but that doesn’t mean it’s been all writing. Oh no. On Saturday Marsh and I went out to Ikea (which is in Homebush, and a bit of a trek but totally worth it). We were both desperate for things: me, toilet brushes, door mat, containers and other things I didn’t know I needed; Marsh, jars, tealights and other things she didn’t know she needed. We had great fun. For the first time ever I ate in the restaurant (pasta), as we decided we needed some fuel before hitting the marketplace section.

Here’s Marsh before:

and after a successful trip:

So that was loads of fun, and we spent ages deliberating over cake tins, various containers and jars and the like. It was awesome.

I’ve had a few things to post about which all seem a bit irrelevant now. For one, I was working out on the deck the other morning and someone was skywriting something above me. I could get a few letters but a building was in the way and the wind was blowing the smoke a bit too fast. Just made me think – what is the point of skywriting above a city? Do it at a beach where people can see it. And then I realised they were probably above Bondi, or at least sort of near it. So, yep.

The other thing that’s been bugging me in this house is there’s an inconsistency with the light switches. I know. It’s not exactly a problem, but why do it? Why have some with sharp corners and some rounded? Why have some bathrooms with a switch that says ‘fan’ on it and others without? Inconsistency in style stuff just drives me nuts.

Anyway, now I’ve covered the big issues it might be time to get a life.



Delivery boy.

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Since we’ve been getting the papers delivered in the morning, I decided it would be hilarious (not useful) to teach Ped to bring them in. It’s been pretty funny – he hasn’t got it quite yet, most morning he runs out and pounces on the paper, does a funny bark thing at it but doesn’t pick it up (then he repeats Pounce and Bark). This morning he actually picked it up but instead of taking it in, dropped it at my feet outside wanting me to throw it. Which I didn’t, so he picked it up again, and ran it inside. Victory! Of course then he was super excited, wouldn’t put it down and ran around the house with it. It was almost impossible to get this pic.

Now we are watching the Dog Whisperer (actually Ped just got up and went to his bed instead). Probably rather than getting him to bring the paper in I should’ve been working on getting him not to bark so much, but hey. That can be next week.


Quick sticks. February 23, 2010

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It’s been a long time between posts, and I actually have stuff to write about, but I’m on deadline for a couple of things so have been head down, bum up trying to get this work out the door. I have two deadlines today, so tomorrow should be filled with new posts. Probably about boring stuff, seeing as I’ll have forgotten the interesting stuff. In the mean time, here’s some pics of Ped with his new blanket from Ikea (now there’s a post you want to read).

My new blanket. Mine.

It’s a pretty full on game, but I’m up to it.

Yesterday was a long, boring day – Mum worked from 8am to 9pm and I didn’t get a walk. Sigh.


Ps. February 17, 2010

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It’s not a good sign when you feel irritation at the idea that you have to get changed out of your old running shorts and exercise top, and possibly brush your hair because you have to leave the house. I think this has been happening every day. And I’ve only just noticed the irritation. I’ve gone from wearing nice frocks and heels and doing my makeup (I was even going to the effort of busting out eyeliner) every day, to wearing my hair up constantly (as in, I go to bed with it in a knot and wake up with it in the same knot, and it stays there all day), pinning my fringe back, never wearing makeup and viewing heels as something I can’t be bothered walking in. In fact, dressing with effort is now a pain. There’s just no point. No-one sees me, and if I go out, no-one knows me.

This can only go one way. And let me tell you, Bondi Junction is about to get a dose of no make-up, hair up-fringe-pinned-back, in-running-shorts-and-thongs-Wheater. It really didn’t take me long to slip. I think the guy who lives next door with the junk yard and I could totally become mates.

And yes you can see two hills hoists (the one he uses isn’t in shot, so he’s actually got three), there’s a tub full of U-bends, an old table, pot plants, kickboards, a twin kitchen sink (top right corner on a diagonal) and loads of other crap. And while I can’t be bothered dressing for the world, I can be bothered running up 50 stairs to take a photo over a neighbour’s fence. Ahem.



Damp, damp, wet and damp.

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Sydney is the land of wetness. Well, at least since we got here. Today is actually quite nice, but it’s been all about the rain and the humidity for the last few weeks. I can’t believe how I’ve struggled with the humidity. I feel like I have nothing to wear that won’t show sweat marks running down my back. I found a wicker basket in the laundry had grown legs (so that went in the bin), and the cardboard wine boxes were so damp down there that when I tried to move them, the cardboard just sort of limply flopped over and tore like it had been soaked in water for two days. Then – hilarious, sort of – I had the builder over the other day and he was showing me stuff (raintanks under the deck, where the foxtel cables are, how to clean vents and other stuff I’ll never clean), and he opened a panel in the laundry wall that goes under the house. And lo and behold, Muz has stored all our luggage there (it’s a sloping block so its literally under the house even though it’s in a wall – it’s all dirt and limestone under there), and the stuff was COVERED in mould. Gross. His nice canvas and leather tote copped it the worst (mould has taste). It was almost unrecognisable. At first I thought it was just dirt and then I realised it was SPORES. And greeny-grey. Eeeewwwww. So I left that one for Muz to sort out.  But the moisture in this place is crazy, you can’t leave anything in the laundry because it’ll get damp, which concerns me slightly as that is where the linen cupboards are. Super. Would you like some fungus with your pillowcase?

Went to yoga this morning which was good – we have a late start of 7am which still feels early to me. The beginner’s course is taking its sweet time to get through the postures though. We seem to learn a new one each time (although today was two new ones), and we haven’t even finished the standing series. We’ve got three more classes left before the end and then who knows what? I think they then suggest you go to mysore morning practice (where you aren’t told what to do – there are teachers wandering the floor helping you if you need it), and I guess you do the postures you know and then maybe they just teach you new ones as you go along? I think that’s the traditional way (ie you do one posture over and over again and once you’ve got it, you get given the next one). I also like that you can rock up to this school’s mysore morning at any time you like – no strict 6am start. Which means they don’t do a morning prayer (sanskrit chant) together which is a shame, but if you’re a bit snoozy at least you can still go and practice when you wake up. Perfect for the self-employed among us. Ahem. Ped still hasn’t paid his last lot of invoices to me however.

I’ve also decided to go on the Great Sydney Banana Bread Quest. Obviously I’ve totally made this up, but I’m obsessed with banana bread and it has always seemed such a Sydney thing to me. This idea started when I had the most amazing banana bread at a hippy cafe in Surry Hills with Marsh – it was just so good. So now I’m going to eat as much as I can and declare a winner…this may take some time.

So we have from Flat White Cafe on Jersey Road in Woollahra:

This was good, but not amazing. I’d go back for it, but not drag friends there to eat it. It was nice and dense without being stodgy, and had good flavour (not too banana-ery and not too bland) but there wasn’t anything magical about it. And we’re looking for magic, people.

I’m also going to try a different banana bread recipe to the one I usually make. They’re both Bill Granger recipes but quite different. I should get to make it today so will report back on the new recipe. I am going to make it with wholemeal flour though to try and be a bit healthier (which no doubt will screw with the verdict).

lots of love



Crunchy granola sweet. February 16, 2010

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Morning team,

It’s been a busy morning at Wheaterville. We’ve had the foxtel guy over, another guy over to fix the scratches on the walls the removalists did, and I’ve made Bea and Andrew’s Get Out of Bed Granola. It’s soooo good. They made us a jar for Christmas (with the recipe) – what a great present. The jar (as seen in the pic) is also from them, Bea went to a lot of trouble to find an airtight jar that wasn’t made in China (they do exist!). It’s so tasty, and I’m totally excited we have some on tap now. It’s probably not the lowest calorie thing you can eat, but it’s good for you and is really nommy.


Bea and Andrew are going really well with Kinglsey. He’s totally cute and looks like both of them. They’ve said the midwives at St John of God Subi have been amazing (for any of you who are a planning a Perth-based birth soon). Vars and Spence are due home today, and their little Caleb has apparently been a little angel – lots of sleeping, feeding and no crying. Aw. What a good little boy. Again, another cute little baby. Oh my god, I nearly forgot – friends of ours from the dog park decided to have a home birth a few weeks ago (not their first baby or home birth). Anyway she was only in labour for three hours and the midwife didn’t make it in time. So the Dad delivered the baby and cut the cord. OMG. Everyone is fine and healthy but still…they’re braver than I would ever be.



Meat free Monday. February 15, 2010

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Hey gang!

It’s our first Meat Free Monday. Marsh is also doing it, but Jamie’s flying to Melbs tonight for work, so she’s coming over for dinner with us which will be fun. I’m making spanakopitas and a tomato salad. For lunch I had sourdough from Fratelli Fresh (nom nom nom) with sliced tomato and torn bocconcini with salt, pepper and good olive oil. It was so simple and so tasty.

We had a fun weekend – dinner with Sarah and Simon (over from Radelaide) at Bird Cow Fish (I had the prawn and butter gnocchi – awesome – the kingfish and a tart for dessert); Saturday we shopped for furniture which was fun but fruitless; Saturday lunch we had with Marshy and J-Mo at Danks Street Depot (we had awesome Reubens); Saturday dinner we had with Sonja (over from Perth) and her friend Anouk at our local the Bellevue Dining room (conveniently located on our street – I had homemade snags with onion gravy and mashed potatoes, excellent); Sunday we had brekkie with Ash and Ben at Forbes and Burton (nommy granola) and then went on the hunt for more furniture. And Muz cooked me dinner (tom yum soup) which was totally cute and really tasty. Aaaand he got me some flowers. Aw.
v day flowers

And finally, here’s a pic of Ped relaxing in the lounge room. I’m off to the shops to get the last bits I need for dinner.

lots of love xxx