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Back in the land of the living. February 11, 2010

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Hi everyone!

I’m back online, and I can’t adequately describe what a relief it is. I felt so cut off from everything and everyone. Anyway, I’m back and it’s all okay. Phew.

So, we’ve been in the house for nearly two weeks (saying that makes me think how really I should’ve finished the unpacking by now). We moved in on Friday Jan 29 – Muz had to go to Canberra for work that day but luckily Marsh had the day off and didn’t mind sacrificing it to me. We’ve discovered that much of our stuff doesn’t fit (the guest bed couldn’t get into the guest room, so now it’s in the weird room behind the kitchen), the fridge couldn’t fit in the house at all (so it’s been in the garage – fun when every time you’re cooking or hungry you have to trek down to the garage), I don’t have a desk for working on, and I gave away our dining table. Oh and the telly doesn’t fit in its special cupboard, so we’ll have to get a table for it to sit on, and sit it in front of the cupboard. However all the empty boxes were removed this morning (awesome), and a new fridge was delivered two days ago (also awesome), and we got a dryer (important when it keeps raining and it’s humid) and a snazzy dyson vacuum too (necessary in a house with lots of carpet and a dog). Now I’m on the hunt for the dining table and other bits, and we can make the guest room nice too. I think next weekend Marsh and I will take the long trip out to Ikea near Homebush and I can hopefully find a desk or something suitable there. Fun!

One of the funniest things to happen since we got here is related to Ped (of course). When he arrived from the kennels (Camp Xray) he was leaner (not a bad thing) and stinky. So due to a lack of hose, and due to not knowing where to buy one, I booked him into a groomer, Dogue. So we walked up to Bondi Junction, and immediately he didn’t want to go in. So I dragged him in, said goodbye and went home for a couple of hours. I then drove back to get him, to find that they’d tied a bandanna around his neck! Funniest. thing. ever.

He smelt great though (they even sprayed him with something as we left), and he was so soft and shiny. And of course he was wearing a bandanna. HI-LARIOUS. I left it on for a few days but then it started fraying so it’s gone now. It was a little bit sailor, a little bit cowboy, and all funny. He’s really getting into the swing of things here.

I’ve negotiated some driving, although not much. I’ve stuck to about a 4km radius of home – Surry Hills, Bondi Junction and the city is about it. I know my way to these areas now, but thank god for GPS. It’s great when you know the direction but don’t know all the one way streets and places you can’t turn etc. Bondi Junction has the gym where I go – it’s a Fitness First but not as nice as Subi. I think it’s one of the older ones around. But they have lots of classes so that’s good. I’ve also gone back to do a beginner’s ashtanga yoga course two mornings a week which I’m really enjoying. Muz comes too. There are only two girls in the class, and we’re both called Emma. So every time I hear a “that’s good Emma” I’m totally craning my neck to see if it’s me she’s talking to. Praise me! Muz and I went to Marshy’s yoga class last Saturday too which was fun – more hatha yoga style and it was really full on. Then we got banana bread from this organic hippy cafe and it was amazing. I got some more the next day and more yesterday.

We’re in walking distance of Woollahra and Five Ways, so Ped and I have done a few trips to the shops and had a few nice walks (also important, we are close to the Jones the Grocer and they have a cheese room). The area is really pretty. We haven’t got a rock solid dog park crew like we did at home, and I think Ped misses contact with his furry pals. Having said that, he attacked some fluffy dog who tried to take his stick at the park yesterday so he’s not exactly turning on the charm to make friends.

Marsh has organised a delivery of the AFR and the SMH to our house each day which is awesome, so Muz goes off looking like the financial whiz on the bus each morning with the AFR, and I find the sudoku in SMH and spend far too long trying to do that. Ped tries to help but he takes over so I try to do it on my own now. Today’s was rated ‘diabolical’ and I’ve not finished it. I decided I could actually lose a few hours on it and that probably wasn’t the best use of my time.

Today Mhairi (my sis-in-law) goes in to be induced! So today or tomorrow we’ll have our first nephew. We’re really excited. And our good friends Bea and Andrew are due any day now too, so I’m totally pumped to meet their little one whenever they decide to turn up.

The Wheaters had a late night last night – I was up until just after 12 as Muz worked late so I waited to see him, have something to eat and then a natter. Then at 11:30pm he had to go on a conference call (what is wrong with these people??), and then he had to go back into the office. Boooooo. I felt so sorry for him. He got home at 4:45am. Ugh. Of course he’s gone off to work again after not even 3 hours sleep. Poor thing. Not that he complains or seems bothered, he just does it. I’d be such a pain if I was working those hours. So Ped is pretty tired today, he’s sleeping on the cool tiles in the bathroom right now. I think I’m going to need a nap too at some point. I can do pump at 4:30pm or cycle at 5:45pm today, and I’ve got a bit of work to get on with as well. So a pretty crazy day all up.

Busy weekend coming up – our friends Sarah and Simon are over from Radelaide on Friday night (they are moving to Singapore this year with Blakes), our friend Sonja (Ped’s friend Boris’ mum) is in town so we’ll see her on Saturday some time, we’ll catch up with Ash and Ben and hopefully see Marshy and J-Mo sometime too. We’ll also go looking for some furniture on the weekend which will be ace. Before this gets too boring and like a roll call of what I’m doing each and every minute, I’ll sign off.

much love,



One Response to “Back in the land of the living.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Yay she’s back! Loved reading about what you’re up to, sounds like you’re immersing yourself in Sydney life and finding where all the good haunts are! Hahaha I love the pics of Pedro in bandana he looked so snazzy like a leetle Mexican Pedro.
    Aaaand i was so chuffed to have your email in my inbox, it’s not the same as having you here to talk about everything and anything but it still cheered my day! Have a fun Thursday xoxo

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