Dog walking really is a full time job.

Crunchy granola sweet. February 16, 2010

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Morning team,

It’s been a busy morning at Wheaterville. We’ve had the foxtel guy over, another guy over to fix the scratches on the walls the removalists did, and I’ve made Bea and Andrew’s Get Out of Bed Granola. It’s soooo good. They made us a jar for Christmas (with the recipe) – what a great present. The jar (as seen in the pic) is also from them, Bea went to a lot of trouble to find an airtight jar that wasn’t made in China (they do exist!). It’s so tasty, and I’m totally excited we have some on tap now. It’s probably not the lowest calorie thing you can eat, but it’s good for you and is really nommy.


Bea and Andrew are going really well with Kinglsey. He’s totally cute and looks like both of them. They’ve said the midwives at St John of God Subi have been amazing (for any of you who are a planning a Perth-based birth soon). Vars and Spence are due home today, and their little Caleb has apparently been a little angel – lots of sleeping, feeding and no crying. Aw. What a good little boy. Again, another cute little baby. Oh my god, I nearly forgot – friends of ours from the dog park decided to have a home birth a few weeks ago (not their first baby or home birth). Anyway she was only in labour for three hours and the midwife didn’t make it in time. So the Dad delivered the baby and cut the cord. OMG. Everyone is fine and healthy but still…they’re braver than I would ever be.



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