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Damp, damp, wet and damp. February 17, 2010

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Sydney is the land of wetness. Well, at least since we got here. Today is actually quite nice, but it’s been all about the rain and the humidity for the last few weeks. I can’t believe how I’ve struggled with the humidity. I feel like I have nothing to wear that won’t show sweat marks running down my back. I found a wicker basket in the laundry had grown legs (so that went in the bin), and the cardboard wine boxes were so damp down there that when I tried to move them, the cardboard just sort of limply flopped over and tore like it had been soaked in water for two days. Then – hilarious, sort of – I had the builder over the other day and he was showing me stuff (raintanks under the deck, where the foxtel cables are, how to clean vents and other stuff I’ll never clean), and he opened a panel in the laundry wall that goes under the house. And lo and behold, Muz has stored all our luggage there (it’s a sloping block so its literally under the house even though it’s in a wall – it’s all dirt and limestone under there), and the stuff was COVERED in mould. Gross. His nice canvas and leather tote copped it the worst (mould has taste). It was almost unrecognisable. At first I thought it was just dirt and then I realised it was SPORES. And greeny-grey. Eeeewwwww. So I left that one for Muz to sort out.  But the moisture in this place is crazy, you can’t leave anything in the laundry because it’ll get damp, which concerns me slightly as that is where the linen cupboards are. Super. Would you like some fungus with your pillowcase?

Went to yoga this morning which was good – we have a late start of 7am which still feels early to me. The beginner’s course is taking its sweet time to get through the postures though. We seem to learn a new one each time (although today was two new ones), and we haven’t even finished the standing series. We’ve got three more classes left before the end and then who knows what? I think they then suggest you go to mysore morning practice (where you aren’t told what to do – there are teachers wandering the floor helping you if you need it), and I guess you do the postures you know and then maybe they just teach you new ones as you go along? I think that’s the traditional way (ie you do one posture over and over again and once you’ve got it, you get given the next one). I also like that you can rock up to this school’s mysore morning at any time you like – no strict 6am start. Which means they don’t do a morning prayer (sanskrit chant) together which is a shame, but if you’re a bit snoozy at least you can still go and practice when you wake up. Perfect for the self-employed among us. Ahem. Ped still hasn’t paid his last lot of invoices to me however.

I’ve also decided to go on the Great Sydney Banana Bread Quest. Obviously I’ve totally made this up, but I’m obsessed with banana bread and it has always seemed such a Sydney thing to me. This idea started when I had the most amazing banana bread at a hippy cafe in Surry Hills with Marsh – it was just so good. So now I’m going to eat as much as I can and declare a winner…this may take some time.

So we have from Flat White Cafe on Jersey Road in Woollahra:

This was good, but not amazing. I’d go back for it, but not drag friends there to eat it. It was nice and dense without being stodgy, and had good flavour (not too banana-ery and not too bland) but there wasn’t anything magical about it. And we’re looking for magic, people.

I’m also going to try a different banana bread recipe to the one I usually make. They’re both Bill Granger recipes but quite different. I should get to make it today so will report back on the new recipe. I am going to make it with wholemeal flour though to try and be a bit healthier (which no doubt will screw with the verdict).

lots of love



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