Dog walking really is a full time job.

Delivery boy. February 24, 2010

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Since we’ve been getting the papers delivered in the morning, I decided it would be hilarious (not useful) to teach Ped to bring them in. It’s been pretty funny – he hasn’t got it quite yet, most morning he runs out and pounces on the paper, does a funny bark thing at it but doesn’t pick it up (then he repeats Pounce and Bark). This morning he actually picked it up but instead of taking it in, dropped it at my feet outside wanting me to throw it. Which I didn’t, so he picked it up again, and ran it inside. Victory! Of course then he was super excited, wouldn’t put it down and ran around the house with it. It was almost impossible to get this pic.

Now we are watching the Dog Whisperer (actually Ped just got up and went to his bed instead). Probably rather than getting him to bring the paper in I should’ve been working on getting him not to bark so much, but hey. That can be next week.


3 Responses to “Delivery boy.”

  1. shineom Says:

    Ok finally read every update.
    I just love your writing so much – I giggle all the way and can hear you speak every word, just like you were here – sort of.
    I miss the in person hilarity – miss you.

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Goooo Super-Ped! He looks so proud of himself, i like some happy pics of Ped, he was starting to look too Sydney and all trendy with his bandana and blue steel poses.
    Have a fun thursday! Did you see our blog? Posted some funny pics from Sue and Dave’s anniversary… Prawn looks well-scary!

  3. Ruizy poos Says:

    God I miss that little guy! And youse too, of course!

    Great updates Weetie, keep ’em comin’! x

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