Dog walking really is a full time job.

The Wheaters turn 1. March 29, 2010

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Who can believe it’s been a whole year since our wedding? Not me obviously, because I still haven’t done our wedding album.

Yesterday the 28th was our first wedding anniversary – Muz had told me to leave it to him to organise and he did a great job. We started with a sleep in (tick), followed by walking Ped and having breakfast at a local cafe at Five Ways. We then came home and did some dinner prep before prettying ourselves for lunch.

Muz whisked us off in a taxi to Rose Bay where the sea planes leave – that’s right, we were flying somewhere. Most of you would know of my total fear of flying and hatred of small planes, but thanks to getting hypnotised before the NYC marathon I’m pretty good in planes these days. I don’t love it or anything, but I’m fine. Plus I figure sea planes don’t go that high, if they need to land they have lots of space to do it, and they’re supposed to do it on water. And I can swim. Never mind it’s probably like hitting concrete at high speed, fear is illogical, as is my reasoning. Anyway we had the most gorgeous day for a flight up the coast – we could see the city, the bridge, the Opera House, all of it. It was amazing and I actually loved it. This is Manly Beach…

Muz hams it up…

Then we landed at Palm Beach (I’m still unaware where we’re actually going for lunch at this point), where we get off the plane and into a little boat, and we’re driven to a little jetty (all this leaping from plane to boat to jetty makes me really glad I didn’t wear heels for this). From the jetty we were greeted by one of the staff from Jonah’s at Whale Beach – zing! They drove us around the hill to the restaurant, where we had the most beautiful lunch (Jonah’s you might remember from us going to Taste of Sydney – they did the amazing panna cotta that looked like a white mole), and Bunny had her first glass of vintage Moet.

As we were finishing up, a wedding was setting up on the grass below our window. Of course I told the waiter it was our wedding anniversary too…

There were four choccies but I ate one before I thought to take a photo… and they spelt anniversary wrong but still, cute.

View from our table…slightly misleading as it’s actually a 180 degree view of the ocean.

Then we car-boat-flew home again. This time it was a bigger seaplane (on the way out it was a 6 seater – us and the pilot), already filled with diners from some other bay. This plane was maybe a 12 seater, and the idiot pilot decided to give the half cut passengers (obviously not me, not that he knew that) a thrill when we got over the main harbour. So he did all these really sharp steep turns which I of course hated, it felt way too much for me and I was sure sea planes weren’t really built for that sort of thing. This is the view before he started…

Anyway even though I was pissed because it was so unnecessary (pregnant plus fear of flying doesn’t create a placid passenger in me), it was still an amazing day. Although I could’ve punched the pilot.

Then we got home and Marsh and Jamie came to stay! They are having their bathroom done, so we’re re-living the good ol’ days at Muriel. It was also Marsha’s bday (and Jamie’s the day before) so Muz had made Fratelli meatballs and I’d baked a cake, which I iced and put chocolate freckles and candles on. Oh and we had party hats and bubbles, and watched a recorded show of So You Think You Can Dance. Awesome. What a great day.



Hellloooo. March 24, 2010

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hi team!

sorry it’s been a long time between drinks. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, although doing what in particular escapes me now. Mum and Dad are here at the moment (tonight is their last night before heading to Canberra), so we’ve been hanging with them a fair bit. Peds has been loving it, aside from getting sent to Dogue for a pre-visit scrub.

We’ve had a few highlights, visiting the Rose Seidler house was ace:

And yep, they’re ridgy didge Eames and Saarinen chairs. The house was still all in original condition – the old dishwasher, kenwood, washing machine, it was so great.

We also had dinner at Rockpool (excellent) and guess who was at the next table?? Only Bonnie from So You Think You Can Dance, and the host from Ready Steady Cook. They were having a great time. Of course mum and dad had no idea who they were. They really only watch one channel, as in when someone said ‘I wonder what’s on tv?’ mum goes “well it’s 8pm so it’s The Collectors” or whatever it was. As in there is only one channel in the world. So we’ve seen a lot of ABC lately. Not enough Guiliana and Bill for my liking.

We also had a super lunch at Sean’s Panaroma (buckwheat tagliatelle with butter, chestnuts, mushrooms and rocket – sooo good).

I think Bunny’s going well too – not that I’d really know, so I’m totally guessing. Anyway got to dash but wanted to write a quick update and say hi.


em xx


And the news is good. March 15, 2010

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Page three of the Sydney Morning Herald today brings together two of the most compelling news stories to break in a long time: the new baby elephant (“Mr Shuffles”) at Taronga Zoo, and the Lara Bingle/Pup split. Marsh and I have been a bit dismayed at how the Bing has taken the limelight from a baby elephant (if you haven’t been following the story – the mum was in labour for a week, there was no heartbeat for the baby elephant after a few days and it was declared dead, then miraculously it was born alive a day later – the little guy had put himself into a coma to survive the long labour!). But we’ve also been loving the Bing story – it hit a high note for us yesterday when it was reported that a Bondi Junction plumber said he had been called to Pup’s Bondi apartment to retrieve something of “significant value” from the toilet. Apparently Bing had flushed her 4.7carat, $200k engagement ring and then had a change of heart (not about the split, about the rock). In today’s story the jeweller (Cerrone) was reported to be worried about the ring even prior to the flushing – I love that his first thoughts go to the ring (let’s face it, Marsh and I were the same). THEN Marsh was driving home after our expedition to the best Asian supermarket in the land (they sell pork floss! what is pork floss?), and she passed a young blonde in an Aston Martin. There can’t be loads of young blondes in Aston Martins in the Bondi area….it was definitely the Bing. So anyway page three today is a treat. They are also going to rename the baby elephant with a traditional Thai name (he’ll always be Mr Shuffles to us – so named because post birth and post coma his left side didn’t work so he was shuffling around, awww). If you want to vote go to the zoo’s website where you can choose one of seven names. We had planned to do a trip to the zoo some time in the good weather so this gives us even more reason to go.

Even though baby elephants and giant engagement rings are high points in excitement levels, the weekend was still full of other fun stuff. Jamie was away in Perth for work so it was the three of us (me and Muz and Marsh) who hit up Taste of Sydney on Saturday. Marsh had written a story about the event for work and had scored us free entry (yay!). This is an awesome event with lots of food stalls from both restaurants and producers, but not just any restaurants. Some of the best in town – Guillaume’s, Aria, Danks St Depot, Assiette, Longrain, Becasse, Jonah’s, Marque and loads I can’t remember. So you buy some currency (crowns) which you use to buy your tastes. We went for a sharing style, mainly so we could try more. Our first was smoked beef ribs with watermelon from Danks Street – Jarad Ingersoll was actually handing the plates out! This was totally yum and the watermelon really worked with it. Marsh will have lots of photos on her blog, I didn’t take as many as I should’ve, I think I was too focussed on getting it in my mouth. Then we headed to Guillaume’s stand where we picked up a mini blue swimmer crab sandwich with coriander mayo. It was nice, but not life changing. Then we headed to Longrain, where we tried their yellow curry of pork with mustard greens and rice. It was awesome. I think we all agreed that it was one of the best dishes of the day.

From there I think we headed to Plan B (which is Becasse’s side line thing I think) where we each had (no sharing) one of their grain fed wagyu beef burgers. I had to have mine well done because of Bunny so we decided as they were small we may as well have one each. They were ace.

Then it was drink break time at the San Pellegrino stand, we entered a few more competitions to win various things, and I think at that point we decided to move on to dessert (like I said, Marsh’s blog will probably be more accurate). We had seen these hilarious/awesome looking pannacottas while eating our burgers so decided to go back for that from Jonah’s. It was sooo good. Another highlight for all of us. It was a vanilla panna cotta with lavender honey and a few scattered pomegranate bits. Plus it jiggled. By the time I took a photo it had drooped a lot…but you get the idea. We thought it looked a lot like a mole with its little black nose.

Because Bunny’s got a killer sweet tooth, the others kindly left me in charge of choosing desserts – so dessert #2 was a sauternes custard with caramel from Marque.

It was lovely, but not as wow as the panna cotta. The texture was sublime though, the smoothest thing you’ve ever eaten. So smooth you wonder how it even stuck together. Then we though we’d finished until we came across this guy:

If you look closely you may notice a striking resemblance between the balding guy on the logo and the balding guy behind the freezer. Yep, that’s Pat of Pat and Stick fame (no, I’d never heard of them either). They make ice cream sandwiches and they were really good. We got one of Pat’s favourites, the caramel pecan. The biscuit was an oaty pecan thing with caramel iceceam and pecan bits (see it’s not just a clever name).

They had loads of flavours (although no peanut butter and something which I think is a hole in their product line), and after that we rolled out of there. Oh, not before checking out the Victor Churchill stand and entering a competition to win $5000 worth of meat. Yes!

Then on Sunday the trio went to Bills in Woollahra for brekkie – Muz had been on a bike ride so was ravenous (so hungry he couldn’t talk), he and Marsh went for the classic corn fritters with bacon, Sweet-tooth Wheater went for the ricotta hotcakes. Mine was ace and reports were that the fritters were great too. Then we headed next door to the real Victor Churchill – Marsh proclaimed it the best shop she’s ever been to in her life and I think it’s pretty close for me too (although the fancy shoe floor at Bergdorf Goodman was pretty special – where else can you have red carpet, antique chaise lounges, designer shoes AND dogs?). Victor is no ordinary butcher. The door handle is a string of sausages (not real), the floor is marbled like their wagyu and they have Laugiole steak knives for sale for a cool $750 for a set of six. The fitout for this shop cost $2 million. They have a motorised rotating rack where they hang large cuts to dry aging – all on display through floor to ceiling glass – and the back wall of this room is back lit salt bricks from Holland. We saw a guy carving a roast leg of ham for a customer – he had the glazed leg sitting on a ceramic pedestal as he gently carved slices. It was like a ballet. It just has to be seen to be believed. I tried to take pics but they didn’t come out great…you’ll just have to visit. Oh and they are filming an ep of Masterchef there this Thursday! eep! I might have to go press my nose against the glass.

Then Marsh and I headed to Chinatown to one of the best Asian supermarkets ever. I didn’t really have a shopping plan so just bought a few things but Marsh stocked up. We were amazed at things like fresh enoki mushrooms which I have paid $6 for – the same pack for $1.70. Other highlights included biscuits that were shaped like hamburgers and bourbon flavoured (thanks Japan), pork floss (we still don’t know what to do with it – looked a bit like dirty fairy floss) and being culturally insensitive – comments such as “that is the most disgusting looking thing I’ve ever seen” and “that one looks too white, I want something more Asian” I think really helped us blend in with the people who knew what they were doing.

Then home for a nap, Muz played soccer and we had dinner (using the prized enoki mushrooms). I had some abdominal pain which freaked me out a bit but I read something that said pain is common around now with the ligaments in the uterus stretching or something. I’m seeing my ob on Weds so I’ll mention it but I haven’t had it again. I went to bed feeling a bit sick and off, and didn’t have a great night but went to yoga this morning, still feeling a bit off. Got home and went back to bed for another two hours feeling queasy and wiped out, but woke up feeling improved. Still a bit not right, but not queasy any more. Could it be late onset morning sickness? Let’s hope not.

Anyway this is long enough to bore anyone so I’ll sign off. Hope you’re all great and lots of love.


PS How could I forget? I upgraded my plan on Friday and got an iphone! Now I’m just like 90% of the population, phew. It’s great fun though.


the most tedious job in the world goes to… March 11, 2010

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Ironing sheets.

I never thought my life would come to this, but my parents are coming to stay and when I went to make their bed up yesterday, I realised that the sewn over top of the top sheet was all munted. And I know that my mum irons sheets and that they would notice if the sheets were all screwed up. Not that they would mind, but they would notice. So last night I found myself in the laundry, ironing sheets. It’s boring and it’s annoying – our laundry floor is also floorboards (which are filthy) so I couldn’t let the sheet rest on the ground. It was quite the juggling act. And one I’ll never do again. Until they come to stay next time.

After yesterday’s rain and cloud, Sydney is sunny today. Ped is outdoors working on his tan.

We’ve had a pretty nice week this week. “We” as in Ped and I, I’ve barely seen Muz. He worked til midnight on Monday, got home from Tuesday at 6am Wednesday, and went back in at 8:30am. Then last night arrived home about 8pm – nearly a 12 hour day on about 1 hour’s sleep. Lovely. I don’t know how he does it. He even stayed up with me watching So You Think You Can Dance last night (although there was also icecream and ice magic on offer). I’d have been in a puddle on the floor crying.

Speaking of crying, the baby hormones set me off at just about anything. I was watching some quality foxtel yesterday and there was some surprise marriage proposal show and the guy had organised a ‘tailgate’ party (when at the grid iron people have a bbq in the carpark at the tail gates of their cars), followed by a football game with friends and got the goodyear blimp to fly overhead with the words, “I love you, will you….” scrolling across the side. Yep, I cried at that. She cried and he cried. We all cried. I’ve also been known to shed a tear at the Dog Whisperer (you should’ve seen this happy little pup running around). At least I’m crying over happy stuff.

Tonight we’re off to Wildfire which is supposed to be ace. It’s at Circular Quay so it’s got speccy harbour and Opera House views, and they are known for their woodfired grill stuff. So that should be fun, even if I only know Muz and one other guy who is going. It’s probably nowhere I would’ve picked myself so it’s nice to go somewhere like that.

No news on Bunny other than I’m waiting for my stomach to stop looking like I’ve got a pie gut and look more like a baby. But I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient, especially as essentially it’s a vanity thing.

OMG mother of the year here just realised I haven’t given Ped breakfast. And it’s 1pm. Sorry mate. Better go feed the pup.



The Wheaters get a new (permanent) lodger. March 9, 2010

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Hi gang,

No, it’s not this cute kelpie puppy I saw at Bondi Junction. Try as I might, Muz says no.

We’re having a baby! Bunny is going to turn from hilarious theory (Bunny Wheater – socialite who is dressed in leopard print from day one) into reality. I’m due Sept 15 (so she’ll be a Virgo – know any Virgos? I’m not sure if I do…), so now I’m just over 12 weeks. It’s been an interesting time since arriving here – I’ve turned the corner now but have spent just about every day since getting here feeling like I’ve got a mild hangover. Tired, cranky (really only at Muz, poor thing), hungry (quality food such as hot chips, burger rings, cheese on toast especially), but no morning sickness luckily. I’ve had a few days where I can’t get my head around doing anything except napping, but am feeling much more lively now.

Here she is at Week 12:

Alrighty I’m off to body balance at BJ, just wanted to quickly update with the news.

lots of love



I can hear the neighbours talking. March 3, 2010

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Sort of. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can hear them talking. And this is actually two houses over, and they’re inside. Interesting. This particular house was a Myer department store (way back in the day) and now has had the fancy conversion treatment. Needless to say it’s huge, and I’m dying to get inside it. We’ve met the owners, Lyn and (dammit I can’t remember his name!), and their dog Frankie. I think he’s Duncan. So I need to make friends with them. I’ve met some other people in the street (including Junk Yard), and they seem nice/insane. Susie and Jim live a few doors up and immediately Susie was like ‘you should come over for a drink’ and ‘why on earth did you take such a big house for two people? I looked at that house but the idea of all that new carpet with a dog terrified me.’ ha ha. Jim is a senior partner at Freehills (Susie: “what does your husband do?” E: “He’s a lawyer too.” S:”Which firm is he at?” E: “Blake Dawson.” S: (rolls eyes) “Oh GOD.” ha ha. I think I love her. Then they bullied another neighbour (James who is 28 but looks about 34) into going to dinner with them. “You’re so boring James, who eats sushi for dinner, god, by the time you park that excuse for a car back in the garage we could’ve eaten steak by now.” ha ha ha. Then Jim, who had been stong armed into throwing toys for Ped says, “You know, this dog is far more intelligent than our dog.” and Susie defends their dog saying it loses braincells every day with seizures. She is a cack. So I’m hoping to bump into Susie and Jim again soon. They have kids my age but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

I’ve just about finished a story for Christine for Box mag, so I think it’s time to take Ped for a walk. Tomorrow will be a bit more work, then I’ve booked in for a wax in the afternoon (hallelujah) and Friday is fun – massage at 11am, lunch with Marsh, then cooking duck ragu with Marsh in the afternoon. FUN.

OH and today’s major news is that our table and chairs have arrived!! I need Muz to come home to help me set up the table (base is done but the top is too wide and heavy for me to lift solo), then I’ll post a pic of the new set up. So excited about that one.



Is it a dog or a cat? March 2, 2010

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I know the camera on my phone doesn’t offer great definition when taking a pic of a black dog, but if you look hard you can see Ped’s head curled in on the left, tucked into his paws. He’s curled up in his bed like a cat – and this is the funniest part – he’s snoring. Ah ha ha. I don’t think I’ve heard him do such a deep and human-like snore before. It’s all I can do to not laugh out loud. Cuuute.

So the weekend was fun. We saw The Hurt Locker at Bondi Junction with M&J on Friday night (we also got Chinese – sweet and sour pork, yes ma’am), and then Saturday we met friends in Manly for lunch (followed by a double scoop of Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter icecream and choc chip cookie dough), and then went out to Killarney Heights to have dinner with some of Muz’s friends. Sunday was a Muz n Em day, we hung out, looked at furniture (and bought some dining chairs, yay, table to come), and went to Fratelli for a late lunch. I had the fettucine and meatballs, and Muz had the conchiglia with ricotta, basil and tomato. They were both nommy.

I’m sure Muz will love me posting a pic with his mouth full of food, ah ha.

Meat Free Monday was Lisa’s sweet potato, leek and haloumi soup which was just so yummy (by reducing your red meat meals just by one per week, you can save something like 195kg in carbon emissions, neato). The weather here was cold and wet yesterday (it’s cold again today, I’m wearing leggings and got out the Ugg boots last night), so soup was perfect. Then it was vanilla icecream and choc mint ice magic with fresh raspberries (12-year-old’s preferred dessert meets 30-year-old’s preferred low cal indulgence). The new Delicious has a couple of good vego recipes in it too which I thought I’d trot out over the next few weeks (roast tomato and goats cheese tart, spicy tofu and peanut salad, yum).

Other than that, and the fact I have two bad pimples circa me in 1994, I don’t have much to report. The new chairs and table arrive tomorrow, the charity boxes were taken away today, and my desk should arrive in 5 weeks (groan). I’m currently working on the outdoor folding table which is in the kitchen and using an outdoor chair to sit on (with cushions on it so I’m tall enough, just like a kid). I have a towel on the edge of the table now as the wood was irritating my arms. Excellent.

Christine is in town and will be holding court at a bar in Darlinghurst tonight so I’ll pop in to see her. Oh, and last week I got my hair cut and coloured, yay! I have a heavier fringe again and it’s sort of dark brown all over. And I’ve gotten over my stint of wearing the clothes I get up in all day and not brushing my hair (although this humidity + fringe means you need to wash it every day or look like a pimply teen – which I’m doing quite successfully. The oily, pimply bit anyway).

Hope you are all well and lots of love,