Dog walking really is a full time job.

Is it a dog or a cat? March 2, 2010

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I know the camera on my phone doesn’t offer great definition when taking a pic of a black dog, but if you look hard you can see Ped’s head curled in on the left, tucked into his paws. He’s curled up in his bed like a cat – and this is the funniest part – he’s snoring. Ah ha ha. I don’t think I’ve heard him do such a deep and human-like snore before. It’s all I can do to not laugh out loud. Cuuute.

So the weekend was fun. We saw The Hurt Locker at Bondi Junction with M&J on Friday night (we also got Chinese – sweet and sour pork, yes ma’am), and then Saturday we met friends in Manly for lunch (followed by a double scoop of Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter icecream and choc chip cookie dough), and then went out to Killarney Heights to have dinner with some of Muz’s friends. Sunday was a Muz n Em day, we hung out, looked at furniture (and bought some dining chairs, yay, table to come), and went to Fratelli for a late lunch. I had the fettucine and meatballs, and Muz had the conchiglia with ricotta, basil and tomato. They were both nommy.

I’m sure Muz will love me posting a pic with his mouth full of food, ah ha.

Meat Free Monday was Lisa’s sweet potato, leek and haloumi soup which was just so yummy (by reducing your red meat meals just by one per week, you can save something like 195kg in carbon emissions, neato). The weather here was cold and wet yesterday (it’s cold again today, I’m wearing leggings and got out the Ugg boots last night), so soup was perfect. Then it was vanilla icecream and choc mint ice magic with fresh raspberries (12-year-old’s preferred dessert meets 30-year-old’s preferred low cal indulgence). The new Delicious has a couple of good vego recipes in it too which I thought I’d trot out over the next few weeks (roast tomato and goats cheese tart, spicy tofu and peanut salad, yum).

Other than that, and the fact I have two bad pimples circa me in 1994, I don’t have much to report. The new chairs and table arrive tomorrow, the charity boxes were taken away today, and my desk should arrive in 5 weeks (groan). I’m currently working on the outdoor folding table which is in the kitchen and using an outdoor chair to sit on (with cushions on it so I’m tall enough, just like a kid). I have a towel on the edge of the table now as the wood was irritating my arms. Excellent.

Christine is in town and will be holding court at a bar in Darlinghurst tonight so I’ll pop in to see her. Oh, and last week I got my hair cut and coloured, yay! I have a heavier fringe again and it’s sort of dark brown all over. And I’ve gotten over my stint of wearing the clothes I get up in all day and not brushing my hair (although this humidity + fringe means you need to wash it every day or look like a pimply teen – which I’m doing quite successfully. The oily, pimply bit anyway).

Hope you are all well and lots of love,



3 Responses to “Is it a dog or a cat?”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Post a pic (or email me) new hair please! Sounds hot. Big hug for the little snoring Pedro xoxo

  2. Marshie Says:

    I totally dusted off the Uggs yesterday too! Bring on the cold weather!!
    p.s. how great is Fratelli?!? When I first looked at the post, I saw the pic of food first and was all “that’s totally Fratelli presentation”. Nom nom nom.
    p.p.s. I have ordered the duck for duck ragu on Friday!! Exciiiting.

    • wheaters Says:

      Fun!! I’m totally looking forward to duck ragu and home made pasta, and hanging out making might possibly be the best bit (or one of the best bits).
      Oh Fratelli was so excellent, I could go back there right now. We should rock out breakfast there too one day – is it good? xx

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