Dog walking really is a full time job.

I can hear the neighbours talking. March 3, 2010

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Sort of. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can hear them talking. And this is actually two houses over, and they’re inside. Interesting. This particular house was a Myer department store (way back in the day) and now has had the fancy conversion treatment. Needless to say it’s huge, and I’m dying to get inside it. We’ve met the owners, Lyn and (dammit I can’t remember his name!), and their dog Frankie. I think he’s Duncan. So I need to make friends with them. I’ve met some other people in the street (including Junk Yard), and they seem nice/insane. Susie and Jim live a few doors up and immediately Susie was like ‘you should come over for a drink’ and ‘why on earth did you take such a big house for two people? I looked at that house but the idea of all that new carpet with a dog terrified me.’ ha ha. Jim is a senior partner at Freehills (Susie: “what does your husband do?” E: “He’s a lawyer too.” S:”Which firm is he at?” E: “Blake Dawson.” S: (rolls eyes) “Oh GOD.” ha ha. I think I love her. Then they bullied another neighbour (James who is 28 but looks about 34) into going to dinner with them. “You’re so boring James, who eats sushi for dinner, god, by the time you park that excuse for a car back in the garage we could’ve eaten steak by now.” ha ha ha. Then Jim, who had been stong armed into throwing toys for Ped says, “You know, this dog is far more intelligent than our dog.” and Susie defends their dog saying it loses braincells every day with seizures. She is a cack. So I’m hoping to bump into Susie and Jim again soon. They have kids my age but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

I’ve just about finished a story for Christine for Box mag, so I think it’s time to take Ped for a walk. Tomorrow will be a bit more work, then I’ve booked in for a wax in the afternoon (hallelujah) and Friday is fun – massage at 11am, lunch with Marsh, then cooking duck ragu with Marsh in the afternoon. FUN.

OH and today’s major news is that our table and chairs have arrived!! I need Muz to come home to help me set up the table (base is done but the top is too wide and heavy for me to lift solo), then I’ll post a pic of the new set up. So excited about that one.



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