Dog walking really is a full time job.

The Wheaters get a new (permanent) lodger. March 9, 2010

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Hi gang,

No, it’s not this cute kelpie puppy I saw at Bondi Junction. Try as I might, Muz says no.

We’re having a baby! Bunny is going to turn from hilarious theory (Bunny Wheater – socialite who is dressed in leopard print from day one) into reality. I’m due Sept 15 (so she’ll be a Virgo – know any Virgos? I’m not sure if I do…), so now I’m just over 12 weeks. It’s been an interesting time since arriving here – I’ve turned the corner now but have spent just about every day since getting here feeling like I’ve got a mild hangover. Tired, cranky (really only at Muz, poor thing), hungry (quality food such as hot chips, burger rings, cheese on toast especially), but no morning sickness luckily. I’ve had a few days where I can’t get my head around doing anything except napping, but am feeling much more lively now.

Here she is at Week 12:

Alrighty I’m off to body balance at BJ, just wanted to quickly update with the news.

lots of love



5 Responses to “The Wheaters get a new (permanent) lodger.”

  1. Yay guys, this is wonderful news-congratulations!!!

  2. Rach Says:

    That puppy is adorable! But also, I’m positive Bunny will be more-so. Yaaaaayyyy!

  3. Lisa O Says:

    So exciting Em and Muz! Congratulations, we can’t wait to meet little Bunny. PS you referring to it as “she” is it confirmed to be a little girl? Wow! I pray for girls for Sean and I… hehe xoxoxo

  4. Marshie Says:

    Honey – this is such great news. You and Muz are going to be wonderful parents and we can’t wait to share this journey with you. Take it easy and look after yourself otherwise Bunny will page you! Lots of love. xx

  5. Parsons Says:

    Woop!! A baby Wheater!

    The world needs more Wheaters.

    Congratulations guys 🙂


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