Dog walking really is a full time job.

the most tedious job in the world goes to… March 11, 2010

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Ironing sheets.

I never thought my life would come to this, but my parents are coming to stay and when I went to make their bed up yesterday, I realised that the sewn over top of the top sheet was all munted. And I know that my mum irons sheets and that they would notice if the sheets were all screwed up. Not that they would mind, but they would notice. So last night I found myself in the laundry, ironing sheets. It’s boring and it’s annoying – our laundry floor is also floorboards (which are filthy) so I couldn’t let the sheet rest on the ground. It was quite the juggling act. And one I’ll never do again. Until they come to stay next time.

After yesterday’s rain and cloud, Sydney is sunny today. Ped is outdoors working on his tan.

We’ve had a pretty nice week this week. “We” as in Ped and I, I’ve barely seen Muz. He worked til midnight on Monday, got home from Tuesday at 6am Wednesday, and went back in at 8:30am. Then last night arrived home about 8pm – nearly a 12 hour day on about 1 hour’s sleep. Lovely. I don’t know how he does it. He even stayed up with me watching So You Think You Can Dance last night (although there was also icecream and ice magic on offer). I’d have been in a puddle on the floor crying.

Speaking of crying, the baby hormones set me off at just about anything. I was watching some quality foxtel yesterday and there was some surprise marriage proposal show and the guy had organised a ‘tailgate’ party (when at the grid iron people have a bbq in the carpark at the tail gates of their cars), followed by a football game with friends and got the goodyear blimp to fly overhead with the words, “I love you, will you….” scrolling across the side. Yep, I cried at that. She cried and he cried. We all cried. I’ve also been known to shed a tear at the Dog Whisperer (you should’ve seen this happy little pup running around). At least I’m crying over happy stuff.

Tonight we’re off to Wildfire which is supposed to be ace. It’s at Circular Quay so it’s got speccy harbour and Opera House views, and they are known for their woodfired grill stuff. So that should be fun, even if I only know Muz and one other guy who is going. It’s probably nowhere I would’ve picked myself so it’s nice to go somewhere like that.

No news on Bunny other than I’m waiting for my stomach to stop looking like I’ve got a pie gut and look more like a baby. But I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient, especially as essentially it’s a vanity thing.

OMG mother of the year here just realised I haven’t given Ped breakfast. And it’s 1pm. Sorry mate. Better go feed the pup.



2 Responses to “the most tedious job in the world goes to…”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    I think Pedro’s secretly happy about the late breakfast, he totally wanted a flat stomach while tanning.
    LOL about the proposal tears, i get like that once a week, i’m a sucker for happy endings. My mum cries over really happy stuff all the time too, it’s genetic.
    I’m emailing you today, we’re booking our Sydney flights!!!
    PS Those pics of Ped are totally giving Oscar “George Clooney” Bynon-Kempthorne a run for his money.

  2. Bea, Andrew, Kingsley, Wellington Says:

    hey guys. so great to hear from you. wow muz you have been doing it tougher than us – you will be well practiced of sleep deprivation by time bunny arrives. Saw the scan of bunny – soooooo exciting. so good to see what you guys have been up to. you have inspired me em to write more in our blog. i have got into photo frenzy – but reading your works is great. aw oh – definitely no housework will get done this week!
    have a great week – looking forward to seeing you next month.
    Love from us

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