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And the news is good. March 15, 2010

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Page three of the Sydney Morning Herald today brings together two of the most compelling news stories to break in a long time: the new baby elephant (“Mr Shuffles”) at Taronga Zoo, and the Lara Bingle/Pup split. Marsh and I have been a bit dismayed at how the Bing has taken the limelight from a baby elephant (if you haven’t been following the story – the mum was in labour for a week, there was no heartbeat for the baby elephant after a few days and it was declared dead, then miraculously it was born alive a day later – the little guy had put himself into a coma to survive the long labour!). But we’ve also been loving the Bing story – it hit a high note for us yesterday when it was reported that a Bondi Junction plumber said he had been called to Pup’s Bondi apartment to retrieve something of “significant value” from the toilet. Apparently Bing had flushed her 4.7carat, $200k engagement ring and then had a change of heart (not about the split, about the rock). In today’s story the jeweller (Cerrone) was reported to be worried about the ring even prior to the flushing – I love that his first thoughts go to the ring (let’s face it, Marsh and I were the same). THEN Marsh was driving home after our expedition to the best Asian supermarket in the land (they sell pork floss! what is pork floss?), and she passed a young blonde in an Aston Martin. There can’t be loads of young blondes in Aston Martins in the Bondi area….it was definitely the Bing. So anyway page three today is a treat. They are also going to rename the baby elephant with a traditional Thai name (he’ll always be Mr Shuffles to us – so named because post birth and post coma his left side didn’t work so he was shuffling around, awww). If you want to vote go to the zoo’s website where you can choose one of seven names. We had planned to do a trip to the zoo some time in the good weather so this gives us even more reason to go.

Even though baby elephants and giant engagement rings are high points in excitement levels, the weekend was still full of other fun stuff. Jamie was away in Perth for work so it was the three of us (me and Muz and Marsh) who hit up Taste of Sydney on Saturday. Marsh had written a story about the event for work and had scored us free entry (yay!). This is an awesome event with lots of food stalls from both restaurants and producers, but not just any restaurants. Some of the best in town – Guillaume’s, Aria, Danks St Depot, Assiette, Longrain, Becasse, Jonah’s, Marque and loads I can’t remember. So you buy some currency (crowns) which you use to buy your tastes. We went for a sharing style, mainly so we could try more. Our first was smoked beef ribs with watermelon from Danks Street – Jarad Ingersoll was actually handing the plates out! This was totally yum and the watermelon really worked with it. Marsh will have lots of photos on her blog, I didn’t take as many as I should’ve, I think I was too focussed on getting it in my mouth. Then we headed to Guillaume’s stand where we picked up a mini blue swimmer crab sandwich with coriander mayo. It was nice, but not life changing. Then we headed to Longrain, where we tried their yellow curry of pork with mustard greens and rice. It was awesome. I think we all agreed that it was one of the best dishes of the day.

From there I think we headed to Plan B (which is Becasse’s side line thing I think) where we each had (no sharing) one of their grain fed wagyu beef burgers. I had to have mine well done because of Bunny so we decided as they were small we may as well have one each. They were ace.

Then it was drink break time at the San Pellegrino stand, we entered a few more competitions to win various things, and I think at that point we decided to move on to dessert (like I said, Marsh’s blog will probably be more accurate). We had seen these hilarious/awesome looking pannacottas while eating our burgers so decided to go back for that from Jonah’s. It was sooo good. Another highlight for all of us. It was a vanilla panna cotta with lavender honey and a few scattered pomegranate bits. Plus it jiggled. By the time I took a photo it had drooped a lot…but you get the idea. We thought it looked a lot like a mole with its little black nose.

Because Bunny’s got a killer sweet tooth, the others kindly left me in charge of choosing desserts – so dessert #2 was a sauternes custard with caramel from Marque.

It was lovely, but not as wow as the panna cotta. The texture was sublime though, the smoothest thing you’ve ever eaten. So smooth you wonder how it even stuck together. Then we though we’d finished until we came across this guy:

If you look closely you may notice a striking resemblance between the balding guy on the logo and the balding guy behind the freezer. Yep, that’s Pat of Pat and Stick fame (no, I’d never heard of them either). They make ice cream sandwiches and they were really good. We got one of Pat’s favourites, the caramel pecan. The biscuit was an oaty pecan thing with caramel iceceam and pecan bits (see it’s not just a clever name).

They had loads of flavours (although no peanut butter and something which I think is a hole in their product line), and after that we rolled out of there. Oh, not before checking out the Victor Churchill stand and entering a competition to win $5000 worth of meat. Yes!

Then on Sunday the trio went to Bills in Woollahra for brekkie – Muz had been on a bike ride so was ravenous (so hungry he couldn’t talk), he and Marsh went for the classic corn fritters with bacon, Sweet-tooth Wheater went for the ricotta hotcakes. Mine was ace and reports were that the fritters were great too. Then we headed next door to the real Victor Churchill – Marsh proclaimed it the best shop she’s ever been to in her life and I think it’s pretty close for me too (although the fancy shoe floor at Bergdorf Goodman was pretty special – where else can you have red carpet, antique chaise lounges, designer shoes AND dogs?). Victor is no ordinary butcher. The door handle is a string of sausages (not real), the floor is marbled like their wagyu and they have Laugiole steak knives for sale for a cool $750 for a set of six. The fitout for this shop cost $2 million. They have a motorised rotating rack where they hang large cuts to dry aging – all on display through floor to ceiling glass – and the back wall of this room is back lit salt bricks from Holland. We saw a guy carving a roast leg of ham for a customer – he had the glazed leg sitting on a ceramic pedestal as he gently carved slices. It was like a ballet. It just has to be seen to be believed. I tried to take pics but they didn’t come out great…you’ll just have to visit. Oh and they are filming an ep of Masterchef there this Thursday! eep! I might have to go press my nose against the glass.

Then Marsh and I headed to Chinatown to one of the best Asian supermarkets ever. I didn’t really have a shopping plan so just bought a few things but Marsh stocked up. We were amazed at things like fresh enoki mushrooms which I have paid $6 for – the same pack for $1.70. Other highlights included biscuits that were shaped like hamburgers and bourbon flavoured (thanks Japan), pork floss (we still don’t know what to do with it – looked a bit like dirty fairy floss) and being culturally insensitive – comments such as “that is the most disgusting looking thing I’ve ever seen” and “that one looks too white, I want something more Asian” I think really helped us blend in with the people who knew what they were doing.

Then home for a nap, Muz played soccer and we had dinner (using the prized enoki mushrooms). I had some abdominal pain which freaked me out a bit but I read something that said pain is common around now with the ligaments in the uterus stretching or something. I’m seeing my ob on Weds so I’ll mention it but I haven’t had it again. I went to bed feeling a bit sick and off, and didn’t have a great night but went to yoga this morning, still feeling a bit off. Got home and went back to bed for another two hours feeling queasy and wiped out, but woke up feeling improved. Still a bit not right, but not queasy any more. Could it be late onset morning sickness? Let’s hope not.

Anyway this is long enough to bore anyone so I’ll sign off. Hope you’re all great and lots of love.


PS How could I forget? I upgraded my plan on Friday and got an iphone! Now I’m just like 90% of the population, phew. It’s great fun though.


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  1. Lisa O Says:

    This post made me drool, especially the burger! And great call re: peanut butter flavour ice cream sandwich. I said to Clare yesterday that i wish i ate the white chocolate wonderful a tad slower, i could kill for a new tub! If only you could order them online and get them here… when i’m in NY i’m so buying 10 tubs!! xoxo

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