Dog walking really is a full time job.

Hellloooo. March 24, 2010

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hi team!

sorry it’s been a long time between drinks. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, although doing what in particular escapes me now. Mum and Dad are here at the moment (tonight is their last night before heading to Canberra), so we’ve been hanging with them a fair bit. Peds has been loving it, aside from getting sent to Dogue for a pre-visit scrub.

We’ve had a few highlights, visiting the Rose Seidler house was ace:

And yep, they’re ridgy didge Eames and Saarinen chairs. The house was still all in original condition – the old dishwasher, kenwood, washing machine, it was so great.

We also had dinner at Rockpool (excellent) and guess who was at the next table?? Only Bonnie from So You Think You Can Dance, and the host from Ready Steady Cook. They were having a great time. Of course mum and dad had no idea who they were. They really only watch one channel, as in when someone said ‘I wonder what’s on tv?’ mum goes “well it’s 8pm so it’s The Collectors” or whatever it was. As in there is only one channel in the world. So we’ve seen a lot of ABC lately. Not enough Guiliana and Bill for my liking.

We also had a super lunch at Sean’s Panaroma (buckwheat tagliatelle with butter, chestnuts, mushrooms and rocket – sooo good).

I think Bunny’s going well too – not that I’d really know, so I’m totally guessing. Anyway got to dash but wanted to write a quick update and say hi.


em xx


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