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The Wheaters turn 1. March 29, 2010

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Who can believe it’s been a whole year since our wedding? Not me obviously, because I still haven’t done our wedding album.

Yesterday the 28th was our first wedding anniversary – Muz had told me to leave it to him to organise and he did a great job. We started with a sleep in (tick), followed by walking Ped and having breakfast at a local cafe at Five Ways. We then came home and did some dinner prep before prettying ourselves for lunch.

Muz whisked us off in a taxi to Rose Bay where the sea planes leave – that’s right, we were flying somewhere. Most of you would know of my total fear of flying and hatred of small planes, but thanks to getting hypnotised before the NYC marathon I’m pretty good in planes these days. I don’t love it or anything, but I’m fine. Plus I figure sea planes don’t go that high, if they need to land they have lots of space to do it, and they’re supposed to do it on water. And I can swim. Never mind it’s probably like hitting concrete at high speed, fear is illogical, as is my reasoning. Anyway we had the most gorgeous day for a flight up the coast – we could see the city, the bridge, the Opera House, all of it. It was amazing and I actually loved it. This is Manly Beach…

Muz hams it up…

Then we landed at Palm Beach (I’m still unaware where we’re actually going for lunch at this point), where we get off the plane and into a little boat, and we’re driven to a little jetty (all this leaping from plane to boat to jetty makes me really glad I didn’t wear heels for this). From the jetty we were greeted by one of the staff from Jonah’s at Whale Beach – zing! They drove us around the hill to the restaurant, where we had the most beautiful lunch (Jonah’s you might remember from us going to Taste of Sydney – they did the amazing panna cotta that looked like a white mole), and Bunny had her first glass of vintage Moet.

As we were finishing up, a wedding was setting up on the grass below our window. Of course I told the waiter it was our wedding anniversary too…

There were four choccies but I ate one before I thought to take a photo… and they spelt anniversary wrong but still, cute.

View from our table…slightly misleading as it’s actually a 180 degree view of the ocean.

Then we car-boat-flew home again. This time it was a bigger seaplane (on the way out it was a 6 seater – us and the pilot), already filled with diners from some other bay. This plane was maybe a 12 seater, and the idiot pilot decided to give the half cut passengers (obviously not me, not that he knew that) a thrill when we got over the main harbour. So he did all these really sharp steep turns which I of course hated, it felt way too much for me and I was sure sea planes weren’t really built for that sort of thing. This is the view before he started…

Anyway even though I was pissed because it was so unnecessary (pregnant plus fear of flying doesn’t create a placid passenger in me), it was still an amazing day. Although I could’ve punched the pilot.

Then we got home and Marsh and Jamie came to stay! They are having their bathroom done, so we’re re-living the good ol’ days at Muriel. It was also Marsha’s bday (and Jamie’s the day before) so Muz had made Fratelli meatballs and I’d baked a cake, which I iced and put chocolate freckles and candles on. Oh and we had party hats and bubbles, and watched a recorded show of So You Think You Can Dance. Awesome. What a great day.



One Response to “The Wheaters turn 1.”

  1. beyondbagot Says:

    Awww, congratulations you crazy kids!
    I wish I could raise a glass of vintage Moet to wish you many, many more, but a banana lassi will have to suffice for the time being.

    – CP x

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