Dog walking really is a full time job.

And it’s… April 20, 2010

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a girl!

Which we all totally knew anyway (well, I’ve been saying “she”), but it’s confirmed now. Of course Muz was dying for it to be a boy, mainly to prove me wrong and to get himself “an heir”. Whatever. Of course he’s actually stoked, but I’m sure is secretly dying for a boy one day. His current gag is “well, we’ll just keep trying til we get one.” Which of course is going to result in a netball team of girls.

Anyway all the other bits looked fine on the scan – heart, right number of fingers, mouth, nose, kidneys, bladder, spine etc. So yay! She’s growing nicely. This week her head is roughly the size of an egg and she weighs around 250-300g.

Bump update pic tomorrow.



Big day!

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hi team,

I’m about to leave the house to go get the bus to the city, where I’ll meet Muz for Bunny’s scan. Today we get official confirmation of what she is! Exciting. We’ll also check that all the bits are in the right places. Of course there is also the chance that Bunny won’t play and will prevent us from checking her sex but I’m sure she won’t do that…as funny as it would be.

Talk soon!



A couple of extra things… April 15, 2010

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I forgot to take a pic of these lillies that M&J bought for us…I loooove tiger lillies, I think they are probably my favourite flower to have in the house. I love a peony too, but they are such a short season and don’t last long. These tiger lillies deffo get my vote for Best All Round House Flower. They smell so amazing. The pollen can be an issue, I agree, but these haven’t dropped anything yet. Hmm, I’d also vote for those giant orchids that come out in March – they are amazing (again, short lived but not as short as peonies).

And, Marsh sent me links to both of these stories.

1. A piece written by an embedded journalist. Who was pregnant while on tour in Afghanistan. Wow. Makes me complaining about lugging the vacuum cleaner up the stairs look fairly pathetic. Not that I’m pretending I’d ever be so tough to go to a war zone (preggers or otherwise), but this makes me look especially pathetic.


2. A piece on how there is no decent maternity wear due to the GFC. There really is very little to choose from. I think there are several problem areas for pregnant chicks though:

• You don’t want to buy stuff you wouldn’t normally like, just because it’s going to fit you. I wasn’t into baby doll tops before, I’m certainly not now. I have no desire to look cutesy when I’m pregnant. It’s like “who me? I didn’t have sex, I would never.” gag.

• You don’t want to purchase a lot of new stuff because of the cost (this also ties in to the first point about not wanting to buy stuff you wouldn’t normally look twice at). So you start to feel like it’s Groundhog Day all the time with your clothes (depressing).

• There’s a lot for sale online, but it’s hard to buy it because you want to try stuff on more than ever. You want to check it fits and see how you look, because so few of the old rules apply it’s not funny.

• In the early days you suffer from not wanting to admit you can’t fit your clothes (especially when it seems to happen so early. It’s like pushing the go button on an ever expanding waistline that you fear you may never get back). So you find you can wear very little, feel uncomfortable in what you do wear, drag your heels on doing something about it, and get depressed about it instead.

• In my case, much of my wardrobe was a working wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, heels, nice tops. I have very little reason to wear this gear now, so my ‘weekend wardrobe’ of old is now my every day wardrobe, and the weekend wardrobe was never that beefy with stock. Plus while the temptation is to sit around the house all day in my gym gear, it does nothing for making you feel good about yourself (physically or mentally). So I’m faced with the option of again, spending a whole lot of money on things I don’t really love. Why is it a cruel joke that when we are allowed to shop because we legitimately HAVE to, that the range sucks?


Anyway, that’s a bit of a rant for you. I have to say though, when I did finally give in and buy some maternity stuff it was the best thing ever. Maternity waistbands rule (thank you, giant elastic god).



Good help is hard to find.

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So, I know this is hardly one of the big problems of the world, but our cleaners didn’t show today. They did a great first job last week (it’s finally gotten too annoying for me to lug the vacuum up and down the million stairs in here, so I’ve made the complete transition to Paddo housewife and now no longer clean), but today I got no love. I even missed out on going to yoga because I was hanging around waiting for them. I finally texted some 1.5hrs after they were due to show and asked them to reschedule for next week and all I got was a “very sorry” response. WHY didn’t you show? Did you forget? Did you double book? Offer me something to make me feel less aggrieved! Anyway, looks like I’m back on cleaning duty this week.

More importantly though, I was at the shops last night and saw this cute little girl holding a toy bunny rabbit. And would you believe, it was a well-loved version of the bunny Mum and Dad brought over for Bunny! (I had a bunny toy – Sadie – as a kid so they thought it would be cute to give our baby a bunny toy. little did they know we were actually calling her Bunny.) Anyway this little girl looked totally cute with her worn bunny and was getting a grissini stick for being a good girl from her mum. Cute.

Ped wonders if the toy is for him…

Tonight we are off to Manu’s restaurant L’Etoile with Marsh and Jamie. They’re taking us as a thank you for having them stay, which is totally unnecessary but super nice.

After a big night of SYTYCD last night we probably need a night away from the tv. The judges (me, Maush and J-mo) were split on the Avatar piece. Marsh and I didn’t rate it, but Jamie was impressed, as were the real judges. Marsh and I rewatched it on IQ later and we still weren’t blown away. Anyway the voting lines are open (we are taking a ‘leave it to the masses’ approach in voting, ie we’re not), so we’re going to hotly anticipate next week…

M&J move home tomorrow night, which I’m a bit devastated about. I’m sad they’re leaving, it’s been so nice to have the great company, lots of laughs and someone to discuss what’s on the Daily Mail and Perez with each morning. Sigh.



Bunny’s 18th. April 14, 2010

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hi gang,

Today Bunny turns 18 weeks. I can’t believe it – some days it seems so slow (when you are waiting for something to happen, ie the scan next tuesday), and other days I can’t believe I’m nearly half way through the pregnancy. Crazy. Here’s the week 18 bump update (another quality photo from the iphone):

This week I tried to wear something tight to give a better idea of the bump, but instead I think it just accentuates the wrong sort of bumps (ps that’s wet hair, not a Bon Jovi revival I’m trying to get started). Oh well. As I took this photo, Ped was waiting patiently…

So I’m feeling pretty good – my back’s started to get a bit sore now and again, and I’ve noticed lots of clicking. I’ve been told this is the ligaments loosening up (thanks to the relaxin hormone) and it’s bones clicking against each other. Nice. Still, whatever helps get this bunny out is fine. Sleeping is getting a little harder (but not bad). I’m just noticing changes I guess.

Oh and I’ve finally set up my office! It’s so nice looking out over the trees. It’s my little cubby hole. You can see I’ve put one of Ped’s beds up here too so he can nap in comfort (he’s there right now in fact).

So things have been ticking over here pretty nicely. We’ve loved having Marsh and J-Mo to stay too. Me especially, because it means several things:

a) I get playmates earlier in the evening.

b) I don’t cook every night.

c) I have someone to watch SYTYCD with who takes just as much interest in discussing who we love, who we can’t stand and who we think will win as I do. And it’s on tonight! Yes!

d) Friends on tap! Ped loves it too because J-Mo plays with him each night and he gets more pats and attention in general.

Sunday night Marsh and I cooked dinner together. Marsh had the good idea to make wontons, and sourced all the ingredients so all I had to do was turn up. Here are some of them in their wrapped-but-not-cooked stage:

They reminded me of little headless chickens praying. I know it’s a stretch. We made three varieties – spinach and chive, shiitake and chicken, and prawn and chicken. They were all excellent. We were so proud of ourselves and we are a good cooking team. We were so excited to eat we didn’t even take a pic before we went nuts. Oops.

Anyway, speaking of dinner I better get to the shops and get things moving.

lots of love,



Feeling grateful. April 7, 2010

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Today’s been a really nice day. And it’s not the typical ‘nice day’ that I’d normally talk about (although it does involve food). I’m on my own (not including Ped, natch) which normally doesn’t rate as a nice day, because I do love talking to people, being around people and generally sharing whatever’s going on with someone. However today’s been good anyway.

A few things I’ve been thinking about:

1. I’m really, really grateful to have such a wonderful husband. I couldn’t have dreamt up Muz, I just didn’t think people could be so suited and so happy (I guess my parents are though). And not that anything’s happened today – in fact the only time I called him he hung up on me on the first ring (I guess my calypso-esque ring tone isn’t appropriate in meetings).

2. I love it when bread is toasted in a flat press and parts of it go almost paper thin and super crisp. It reminds me of the after school snacks Mum and I would get when I was in primary school – I’d go through stages of ordering different toasted sandwiches from the coffee shop at the Grove shopping centre. I can clearly remember a chicken, cheese and pineapple stage, and a chicken and tinned asparagus stage. (Bunny and I had lunch at Danks St Depot together today – they are now toasting their chicken, corn, rocket and aioli sandwich – AMAZING.)

3. I love that I can go to a grocer who has really, really good produce. Fratelli Fresh had fresh gerkins today! And they sell those micro herbs you see at all the fancy restaurants these days.

4. I’m grateful for all my super friends. For listening to me, mostly agreeing with me, being so interesting and clever, indulging endless Pedro talk (and photos), and being kind and generous and lovely and hilarious.

5. I’m grateful for Bunny. Even though she’s still a long way away, I’m super excited to meet her and have her in our family. She’s going to be so cute.

6. I’m grateful for Ped – he is just such a great dog. I know I’m biased, but I think all parents are.He’s far from perfect but all the cuteness makes up for it (I’m sure Caesar would say something similar).

7. And there are lots of other things I thought about today which now I can’t think of – I think it was important stuff such as how cool Dutch carrots are and that sort of thing. And how clever some people are at photography, and how hard some people’s lives can be.

8. One other thing – since when is it reasonable to produce a baby bag that costs $300 and up? like, up to $990? That’s not okay. And since when does everything baby-ish cost a motza? At least patting the dog is free.

And as promised, bump photo on Week 17.

In general I’m feeling pretty good now. I don’t need to nap every day (although I’m about to go have one). My back is starting to get sore so I’m going to get that looked at tomorrow, yoga’s still great, as is walking Ped. I’ve had some gnarly dreams lately which again can be a preggo thing (or eating chocolate right before bed, who can say?).



Bunny in the oven.

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Well today Bunny is officially 17 weeks, heading into her 18th week. As we all know, confirmation of whether Bunny is actually a she will happen the day before she turns 19 (weeks). I love getting the emails updating me each week with what stage of growth she’s at – having said that, the info I get on these emails isn’t always consistent. I subscribe to two, one is an Australian one which is great, and another is an American one (which is full of fruit-related size comparisons, “this week your baby is the size of a peach/grapefruit/melon”). The American one always seems to say she’s much smaller than the Australian one, eg whattoexpect (US) says for 17 weeks she’s about 3.5 ounces (100g) and (conflictingly) as big as my outstretched hand and about 13cm long (my open hand is a lot longer than 13cm). Birth.com.au (aussie) says Bunny is about 19cm from head to toe and about 280g (that’s my girl). I’m going with 280g – if it’s my kid (which clearly it is), it’s going to be eating well and putting on weight easily. However even with these discrepancies between the sources of info, it’s still good to read all about it. Last week she could hear stuff for the first time, this week her eyes have finally finished their migration from the side of her head to the front (phew – who wants a kid that looks like a fish?), and her eyes are now making small side to side movements. How they know all this stuff is beyond me (I believe it’s known as research, Emma).

And I’ve decided each week now I’m going to post a bump photo. Stay tuned…I’ll take one later today and post it. Currently I’m in trackies and an old tee and the world doesn’t need to see that.

It’s a lovely rainy day here in Sydney. I’m so excited for winter to arrive. Mind you I’ll probably start complaining about it at some point (it’s damp etc), but I’m super pumped for a winter wardrobe of leggings and boots (as I’ve mentioned previously). Fun. I love feeling snuggly and warm. Here’s Ped on the deck this morning, waiting for me to throw him a toy. Just cos it’s wet, doesn’t mean the games have to stop.

We’re also currently planning a babymoon – just somewhere close by as Muz has no leave so we can’t go for long. After considering Byron and Noosa, we’re going for the South Coast. We liked the idea of warming up in June/July but temperatures seem to be around 20 up there at that time, and that’s not warm enough to bother with the time and expense of flying. So a cuddly winter adventure it is. At the moment we’re planning on having 4 days at Cupitt’s Winery. Marsh and Jamie visited here for a meal on their birthday weekend recently and loved it. So we’re thinking rolling hills, log fire and plenty of eating out. If anyone else has any bright ideas for a babymoon, let me know (bearing in mind I probably can’t fly anywhere after July).

Wednesday night is a big night in the Wheater/Moses-Jacobs household – So You Think You Can Dance is on! We are big fans of Jessie H, Robbie and I really like Ivy too. I think I want Jessie to win. And Nat B is a couple of weeks ahead of me in preggo land, so I’m thinking I’m going to get a fair bit bigger in the next couple of weeks (not that she and I are anything alike but it’s fun to compare). Tonight I’ll be roasting some brussels sprouts with pancetta and doing steak. Last night Marsh made the yummiest tacos, they were so ace.

Until the bump photo…have a super day team.